How To Give Your Customers What They Want And Win With Mobile Marketing


Marketing is all about people. Americans spend an average of 3.7 hours per day on their smartphones and tablets, proving that we, as a society, have grown remarkably attached to our mobile devices. For a business to be successful, it has to reach out and find consumers where they are, and mobile marketing is the best chance we have of doing just that. So, how do you craft a customer-centric mobile marketing strategy and win? Continue Reading →

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10. June 2016 by appversal
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Holiday Wishes From AppVersal

Happy Holidays AppVersal

AppVersal would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your entire family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Looking back, 2015 was an extremely fruitful year for us and we cannot be excited enough for 2016.

AppVersal has major plans moving forward. With one single vision of becoming the “King of the App World”, AppVersal continues to dominate the entire market. With an ever growing team of world-class designers, talented engineers, innovative creative marketing minds and a dedicated customer support staff, AppVersal works hard to make every customer happy. AppVersal owns and runs several other App marketing businesses that are growing to become leaders in their area. Continue Reading →

26. December 2015 by appversal
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Magical Tips To Make An Appealing Video For Your App

App Video

After putting in the kind of hard work that goes into developing an App, all your efforts could seem meaningless if the App is not introduced properly. The belief that first impression is the last impression cannot be completely disregarded. Therefore, a lot depends on how you are going to be showcasing the App in the introductory video. It is the perfect way to tell people what they can expect from your App. After you have successfully marketized your App, a good video can be instrumental in turning a potential customer into a user of your App. If a potential customer is interested in watching an introductory video for your App, he/she is definitely considering downloading your App. A convincing video can help give them just the nudge that they need in order for them to make the decision to go ahead and download your App. So, here are some magical tips to follow to make sure that your video is appealing enough. Continue Reading →

20. July 2015 by appversal
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10 Ways Not To Blow Your App Launch

App Launch

With over a million Apps on the App Store and on Google Play, how do you think you are going to get ahead of your game? Simply put, your App launch is the first step that you will take in a marketing path that is highly complicated ahead. Here are some tips to make sure that you don’t blow your launch and don’t make some common mistakes. Continue Reading →

03. July 2015 by appversal
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The 6 Most Important Key Performance Indicators In App Marketing


Most independent App developers depend on immediate success of their products to cover ongoing expenses and make a profit, with performance of each App directly tied to their survival. App monetization is a very fragile aspect of business operations and room for error is nearly non-existent, so any inefficiency in the revenue-generating model must be corrected quickly. That would hardly be possible without statistical parameters known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), which are used to determine whether your App is making as much money as it should. Here is a quick overview of essential KPI’s that tell the whole story about your App’s performance: Continue Reading →

05. October 2014 by appversal
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5 Leading Twitter Marketing Techniques For Apps


Use these professional tips to stand out from the crowd and make your App a top-seller.

At this point of social media evolution, it is clear that Twitter is one of the go-to platforms for all advertisers, especially for up-and-coming mobile App developers. Despite the staggering potential, success is not guaranteed and each App needs to be promoted in the right way in order to catch fire and starts bringing back serious revenues. While there are no definitive formulas how to do this, certain marketing techniques can be represent a shortcut to huge number of downloads, great user reviews and positive bottom line. Here is a brief overview of the best moves you can make to get Twitter buzzing about your Apps: Continue Reading →

28. August 2014 by appversal
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8 Ways To Jump Ahead In The App Store

goldenjumpThe App Store is a massive phenomenon. There are hundreds of Apps being released every single day. The growth is not distributed evenly, and a small percentage of the most capable providers earn a lion’s share of the profits. This is not an accident, but rather a result of proactive measures these developers have taken in order to make their work visible on the online platform. Continue Reading →

26. May 2014 by appversal
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What To Tweet For Marketing Your App? Here Are 5 Things

appstoretwitterMore than 200 million people use Twitter every day. That’s 200 million potential customers for your business if you play your cards right. Staying active and sending out regular tweets is a must if you want to get noticed, but producing enough good postings can present a challenge for some business owners. While each individual situation deserves a more detailed analysis, here are some smart ideas for tweets for your App Twitter page: Continue Reading →

17. April 2014 by appversal
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5 Reasons Why EduTech Is The Next Big Thing


Education is definitely a field where new technologies are making a huge, visible and palpable impact. After all, it is so much more fun to learn about great historical battles or chemical experiments when examples and illustrations are provided in a media-rich format, with plenty of interactive features. Here are some of the main reasons why numerous industry analysts believe that electronic learning is on its way to huge popularity and amazing financial potentials: Continue Reading →

23. March 2014 by appversal
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6 Ways To Drive Traffic From Social Media To Your App

Social Media Traffic - Image Credit - GrowingSocialMedia.comSocial media platforms can boost popularity and profitability of a mobile app, but only if they are optimized in the right way to drive traffic.

The power of social networks is well documented, while their business value has been decisively proven in practice. There is no doubt that additional visibility and direct access to global audiences can help your mobile apps do better in financial terms, but it would be naïve to expect automatic success. Like any other business tool, social networks can be very effective when used to complement natural advantages of the app, something that requires a lot of preparation and skill. Here is a quick list of techniques that could positively affect the level of traffic your application receives from major social networks: Continue Reading →

12. March 2014 by appversal
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