DNA App Store, A Technology Marvel

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When we thought technology could not get any better, here is another example of great thinking. The DNA App Store. ‘Helix’ is a company, founded in 2015 was backed up by Illumina; a company which specializes in consumer genomics,  with $100 million. The company’s main stronghold is the thirst for knowledge and curiosity. We as a race, are really less informed about our genes, the genetic code and its functions. Here is where Helix comes into the picture, what the company is rooting for, will blow your minds. The company is attempting to create the first DNA App Store, an App Store for genetic information. Continue reading DNA App Store, A Technology Marvel

Why You Should Never Install Non-Market Apps

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The App market is a huge place with numerous Apps to quench your thirst. The Apps are available over different platforms, with different requirements. But we all are aware of the different platforms we download and install our Apps from. Somehow, lurking in the shadows are those non-market Apps, which we don’t get through known sources. That is, you can’t download those Apps from any known platform. Rather than installing it directly, you will have to go through the tedious process of downloading the App’s APK from the browser and then install it. For this you have to change the settings on your phone to allow the non-market Apps.But is it really worth it? Here are some reasons as to why you should never install non-market Apps: Continue reading Why You Should Never Install Non-Market Apps

How To Make Your App Likeable In 5 Different Ways

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With an enormous amount of Apps in the market, it’s really tough and difficult to bring out the uniqueness of your App. You just released your App, your App is amazing, you know it’s worth it. But is it possible for the masses to like it? You can be better, you can even beat the competition; but it is useless if you don’t make a mark in the eyes of the consumers. There are many aspects to why an App needs to be likeable for it to be successful. You may have put in a lot of effort, time and money behind the production of your App. You may even have spent hours, folding out marketing strategy for your App, but in the end you are not getting results. This time take a look what went wrong. Maybe your App isn’t working properly. Sorry to break the news but, maybe no one likes it.

So here to break the ice, are 5 different ways to make your App likeable:

Continue reading How To Make Your App Likeable In 5 Different Ways

5 Ways You Should Do Mobile App Testing

App Testing

We all are well versed with what mobile applications or simply Apps are. They are softwares for our mobile devices, which are further bifurcated into numerous categories. But before these Apps arrive on different platforms, for the masses to use them; they have to be tested overall. An App should have the potential of attracting people towards it and for that it has to be a desirable one. How does an App fulfill the requirements of the public at large? Clearly through a very precise process of testing. There have been some notion that manual App testing is not useful and people should opt for an automated testing instead, but we are to here to change that disbelief amongst people. Continue reading 5 Ways You Should Do Mobile App Testing

Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture


With 150 million smartphones, 5.5 billion downloads, and double-digit growth in app and mobile ad sales, the China app market appears to be a gold-laden opportunity for iOS and Android developers operating anywhere in the world. The escalation of 700,000 apps combined with slow absolute growth in smartphone adoption has made the US and Euro markets increasingly competitive. Developers and mobile marketers can no longer afford to ignore the China opportunity. Continue reading Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture

Happy New Year – 2017

happynewyearHere’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year from the entire AppVersal Team. We had a lot of fun building incredible Apps in 2016 and expanded our market presence internationally.

We have big ambitious plans for 2017 and are confident that 2017 is going to be our most exciting year ever. In 2017, AppVersal plans to become the largest App development company in the world for both independent developers as well as enterprise clients. We already have a major global presence, but we plan to work on making our presence more dynamic across the globe as we expand.

AppVersal is all about relationships with its clients and we are proud to be working with some of the leading names in the industry. There could not be a better time for the industry as a whole. The App market is blossoming and growth is at an incremental pace. We’re super excited about times ahead and so should you.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year from the entire AppVersal Team!

India Goes All In On Apps



Mobiles are arguably the most omnipresent modern technology in some developing countries; more people have access to a mobile phone than to a bank account, electricity or even clean water. In India mobile communications have been the most visible manifestation of the extraordinary digital accomplishments seen in the past decade, from providing basic access to education and health related information to making cash payments to crowd sourcing- the growing list firmly establishes us as a ‘mobile first’ economy. Continue reading India Goes All In On Apps

How To Give Your Customers What They Want And Win With Mobile Marketing


Marketing is all about people. Americans spend an average of 3.7 hours per day on their smartphones and tablets, proving that we, as a society, have grown remarkably attached to our mobile devices. For a business to be successful, it has to reach out and find consumers where they are, and mobile marketing is the best chance we have of doing just that. So, how do you craft a customer-centric mobile marketing strategy and win? Continue reading How To Give Your Customers What They Want And Win With Mobile Marketing

Holiday Wishes From AppVersal

Happy Holidays AppVersal

AppVersal would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your entire family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Looking back, 2015 was an extremely fruitful year for us and we cannot be excited enough for 2016.

AppVersal has major plans moving forward. With one single vision of becoming the “King of the App World”, AppVersal continues to dominate the entire market. With an ever growing team of world-class designers, talented engineers, innovative creative marketing minds and a dedicated customer support staff, AppVersal works hard to make every customer happy. AppVersal owns and runs several other App marketing businesses that are growing to become leaders in their area. Continue reading Holiday Wishes From AppVersal

Magical Tips To Make An Appealing Video For Your App

App Video

After putting in the kind of hard work that goes into developing an App, all your efforts could seem meaningless if the App is not introduced properly. The belief that first impression is the last impression cannot be completely disregarded. Therefore, a lot depends on how you are going to be showcasing the App in the introductory video. It is the perfect way to tell people what they can expect from your App. After you have successfully marketized your App, a good video can be instrumental in turning a potential customer into a user of your App. If a potential customer is interested in watching an introductory video for your App, he/she is definitely considering downloading your App. A convincing video can help give them just the nudge that they need in order for them to make the decision to go ahead and download your App. So, here are some magical tips to follow to make sure that your video is appealing enough. Continue reading Magical Tips To Make An Appealing Video For Your App