10 Ways Not To Blow Your App Launch

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App Launch

With over a million Apps on the App Store and on Google Play, how do you think you are going to get ahead of your game? Simply put, your App launch is the first step that you will take in a marketing path that is highly complicated ahead. Here are some tips to make sure that you don’t blow your launch and don’t make some common mistakes.

Customers Won’t Line Up Automatically

No one thinks that the overall performance of your App matters any less. In fact, we are with you on the importance of all the hard work you put into developing a great App. But if you thought that it is the only thing that matters, then you are making a huge mistake. It goes without saying that you need to do a terrific job as a developer but a good App needs a good launch. Performance is not the only thing that matters in this business. There are many Apps that are simply great but no one really knows about them. Instead of focusing on just rolling out an App, make sure that your market strategy is aggressive so you clearly define your audience and use all available means to target them.

Target Premium Users As Well

AV1Don’t wait to just rake in the download numbers. You should get as many downloads as possible, but target the premium customer segment as well. If you think that users who spend less make quality users, then you are mistaken. As a developer you may be familiar with the Cost-Per-Install metric where the game is to chase the cheapest users. Taking only the CPI metric into consideration, a choice has to be made between cheap users and quality users. It is not easy to get good users and usually, it is the 1% that will spend more than 90% of your total revenue. Whether it is about purchasing something in the App or in-app advertising, make sure you are optimizing these channels. This is important because your marketing strategy should involve targeting these whales and that begins with the launch. Usage rate will be higher when you have premium customers.

Analyze Your Competition


Before you launch your App, do understand the market to see what you are getting into. Analyzing your competition to take into account their App features and the way they are driving their marketing strategies is a great way to know what you can do different. Customers don’t know what they want unless you show it to them. Have a great product lined up that is completely different from your competition and use the difference to pitch it to your users. That will make all the difference.

Grab The Pre-Launch Opportunities


You have to take time out to introduce your App before it is launched. You are focussing on your App alone but more than 1,000 Apps are launched everyday on both the platforms – iOS and Android. Therefore, often Apps which are actually innovative and add value and utility are overlooked in all the noise and clutter. Hence arises the need to market Apps well which sadly does not begin and end at App Store Optimization or Product Development. Starting early in this game helps you stay ahead. So take up all the pre-launch opportunities that comes your way that will help you garner support and also create buzz. Make sure you carry out proper pre-launch activities including press release, generating buzz via social media, driving traffic to your website and maybe even have a video that shows how your App works.

Have A Viral Launch Page

AV4You might think that this point is an extension of the previous point and is the et cetera, et cetera of the pre-launch. But it deserves being mentioned separately because of the kind of primacy it holds. Most developers will quickly relate the create-a-buzz activities to social media marketing involving Twitter, Facebook and blogs. It is imperative that your App has a social media presence although, having a viral launch page with all the necessary information about your App is crucial to engage your potential users and customers. You should grab the attention of your target audience as early on as possible. There are tools which can help you identify the people who can be your potential users. These tools include Social Crawlytics, Topsy, BuzzSumo, etc.

Marketing Starts With App Store Optimization


You may be done with developing your App and the only thing left to do is to launch it, which is in many ways the most crucial part. To ensure that your App gets discovered quickly is a challenge. One of the most common mistakes is to have the marketing team join in very late in the product development stage which makes the App’s go-to-strategies a haphazard affair because they need to know about every feature and minute detail about your App. The solution is that you get them to work early on. Along with that you should investigate a few things like your App’s USP, get an App name according to common search keywords, have a comprehensive description in one or two lines that instigate people to click on the ‘More’ button.

App Store Optimization Needs Your Time & Money


App Store Optimization is serious business and is not all about tweaking. The truth is that when it comes to most successful Apps, App Store Optimization has been elevated to the status of a science and they are spending good money to keep the competition going. It is possible for you to research the App Store keywords for Apps which have not been published yet. Downloads will be affected by the number of keywords you use. Everything depends on the App name. You need to utilise to the fullest the unfair advantage keywords provide your App name, which affects the people willing to engage with the App. Pricing is another area you need to focus on by letting the price attract users and at the same time let discounts increase your customers. Design and localization, including other features are just as important for a big launch.

Use Offline Marketing To Get People Talking


When it comes to the App launch, it is the web presence that matters, true. But do not underestimate the power of a more human, real life marketing strategy. The strategy is simple. Because what you are promoting is essentially related to the digital platform, you have to make sure that the offline activities are carried out in such a way that it makes an easy transition to the mobile world. There are innumerable campaign strategies you can embrace like organising events and public stunts. Just make sure you do everything in your power to spread the word about your App and its uniqueness. It should generate genuine anticipation for the launch. In order to bridge the gap between the online and the offline world, make sure you flash a URL in a poster or leave your audience with some reliable keywords.

Market Every Feature


Surely, when you are done with your App and it looks great, all you are going to do is focus on how to introduce it. It really matters that your App is user friendly. You might have great features in the App but the users might never get to know them. There will always be people who would wish you did something in a different way for their convenience. And as a developer, make sure that you explain the little intricate details about your App which will impress the users when they first begin to use it. So do things like having push notifications and create an impression.

The Overall Experience Should Be Dynamic


In the end, the overall experience is everything. From your App icon to the UI to performance, everything will determine the first impression that the App makes on the user. What makes the launch powerful more than strategies and methods is the sheer hard work put into developing a good App. There are times when an App is famous because of the user experience it provides and all it takes is a good word about the App. So make sure that your App icon and the design does half of your work and the other half is taken care of by App performance, leaving the rest to marketing after launch. Given this is the most important of all strategies, do not dare to ignore the rest.

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  • http://bit.ly/PressPad-Lounge Luke W. Stapleson

    Yeah, good advices. I would add that most of the content marketing tactics work for app marketers too. And remember, websites build reach, so invest in landing page(s) and A/B test your CTAs. If you want to learn more about app marketing you should watch this app marketing video lecture http://blog.mobileroadie.com/2014/10/bringing-your-marketing-strategy-to-a-mobile-app/

  • http://presspadapp.com/ PressPad

    Let me add that from the perspective of our digital magazine apps publishers pre-launch stage is often underestimated. Build your mailing lists 1-2 month before the start and always bas on double opt-in. That will make significant mass during the start and leverage your app marketing campaign.

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