20 Modern App UI Designs That Stand Out

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App UI Design ProcessApp UI design is a hot topic in the online community these days, since it affects how well a newly launched application would be received by the users. After all, people don’t care what an app can do if its use leads to frustration or confusion more frequently than to desired outcome. Developers are quickly recognizing the impact of design and increasingly coming up with excellent app UI design solutions. Here is a short overview of the iOS apps that feature memorable and effective UI design:

Nike + FuelBand


Innovation is what drove the development of Nike + FuelBand smart wristband in the first place and iOS app that connects it to your phone breaths freshness as well. It finds visually impressive ways to track user’s level of physical activity throughout the day, making it much more fun to work out and stay in top shape.



Task management apps need to be simple and intuitive and Gneo manages to achieve that in a very elegant manner. Minimalistic app UI design relies on gentle colors and expert use of free space to create a comfortable “look and feel” and facilitate quick utilization. Nothing is wasted, everything dances in balance.



Making music is difficult enough to master that user-friendly interface design is imperative for an app that serves this purpose. Figure is certainly one of the best music-making tools in this respect, since its color-schemes and layouts are custom-made for visualizing the sounds. It almost feels as if you can touch the music with your fingertips.

Glasses.com for iPad


This amazing app makes the most out of brilliant 3D modeling to empower users to try on dozens of models of glasses and sunglasses and well done UI helps to keep the illusion extremely realistic and natural. Glassess.com definitely stands head and shoulders above competition, both in terms of originality and interactivity.

Just Landed


In addition to its gorgeous looks, Just Landed represents a textbook example of utility driven app UI design. Things simply jump off the screen due to stunning contrasts and superb division of available screen space, allowing the user to navigate through important info without the slightest trace of confusion, which is essential after you arrive somewhere.



One of the best kept secrets of app UI design is that first impression is priceless. Kitchenator app certainly has the aesthetic firepower to seduce any user at first sight. This practical app helps with kitchen measurements and its sleek interface lets a busy person keep track of everything while keeping one eye on the food.



With a classic look and intelligent use of screen space, Digs manages to connect the best of both worlds. This excellent app transforms a regular guy into a talented interior designer, shortening the road from idea to practice by a significant margin with built in advanced social features and cost-estimate tools.



Billr is a perfect example of app UI design that plays to the strengths of the app itself. Financial apps need to be clear and unambiguous and in this case the numbers are very hard to miss. There are no fancy visuals to distract the attention – just a lot of good sense.



Intended as a tool for people with little graphic design skill to edit their own portraits, FaceTune expertly combines richness of options with unbelievable straightforwardness. Simply by swiping and taping, users can fine tune the images until they look just right.

Pet Vet Doctor


Pet Vet Doctor is a highly regarded educational game, but it wouldn’t be nearly as attractive without its colorful graphic interface. The animals look real, while all important tools and actions are easily available from the left sidebar. This app deserves a very high score on nearly all elements of app UI design!

Prezi for iPad


Crafting visually sparkling multimedia presentations is a quick job with Prezi, a specialized app loaded with plenty of great templates to serve as potential starting points, as well as with a range of original options that enliven the presentation in every sense. Overall practicality is through the roof, but this app also has great look and feel.



A fun colour scheme and good overview of game action are what puts Letterpress app UI design apart from within the mobile games category. This strategy-based word game is a great choice for kids and adults equally, and smooth-running interface is a precondition for such universal appeal.



The fact that a bunch of people prefers to read Wikipedia articles with a third-party app tells you all you need to know about the level of convenience provided by that app. Indeed, Articles app won Apple Design Award in 2012 for its fantastic user interface and the accolade was more than deserved.



The first thing you will notice about the award-winning game Badland is dark, futuristic atmosphere, but this unique gem of app UI design doesn’t stop there. Great game mechanics are combined with amazing sound and graphic effects to produce a truly immersive experience for passionate gamers of all generations.



Creative types can take full advantage of a huge array of brushes, pencils and other digital tools that Procrate app brings to the table without worrying about getting lost amongst all this abundance. A well-balanced app UI design makes sure each option pops up just at the right time with minimum effort.

National Parks


This app is every bit as beautiful as it is beneficial, matching wonders of nature with gems of aesthetic perfection. National Parks app juggles between photo catalogues, interactive maps and plain data with unbelievable smoothness, leading the user through a well-defined path, but allowing for plenty of individuality along the way.



Don’t be tricked by old-school 90’s graphic style – AirCassete displays cutting edge tendencies in the interaction department. Not only this app brings all the relevant info about the music currently played in the form of written notes on the side of the “cassette”, it also features fun animations for play, rewind or fast forward functions.

Hotel Tonight


Travelers typically want to know a lot of details about the place they are staying at, so Hotel Tonight app has a lot of different layers of data it needs to showcase. This five-star app does that admirably, bringing the entire world onto the user’s palm while keeping things as simple as possible.



The defining feature of great app UI design is that it helps to present complex contents in a clear way and provides maximum flexibility for the end user. It would be hard to find a better application of this principle than Fancy aPp, which brings luxury shopping experience to the mobile device screen in more than luxurious style.

Where’s my water


Where’s my water is a game that will leave no one indifferent and it is safe to say its friendly and warm user interface accounts for good chunk of its charm. There is a reason why this game is an Apple Design Award recipient and five minutes of play is all it takes to understand why everyone likes it so much. Vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, straightforward gameplay – what’s not to like?

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