4 Reasons Why Your App Should Have A Website

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Every App needs a home, and a website provides just that. One of the ways that you expect people to find your App is through your website. There are several reasons why your App should have a website, here are the top 4 –

A Home For Your App

First and foremost, a website is a home for your App. Every App needs a safe home which it can dominate and makes its presence felt in this world.

If the application you are selling has been developed in such a way that it contains a whole eco-system around it, a website is a brilliant way to portray other meanings and developments.

By means of a website, you will be able to communicate the right message across to your users. Mention features about the App in detail, attract potential users, have a support page, rank up higher on Google for some keywords, all via your App website. More notably marrying your mobile device application with a website can provide some necessary reasons to provide existing and potential users a good idea of why they should be using your application. The majority of users would appreciate this.

When reviewing applications, the press have to find out a multitude of information, alongside experiencing the user interface and services from the developer. Additionally a website can provide this detailed information in a very versatile manner. A well planned “Press Kit” hosted on your site can work wonders for a journalist looking to review your App.

Drive Traffic Through Search Engines

App Store Optimization and Website SEO Optimization is critical to your App Store success. Build up a website, do some SEO work for it and you will soon notice your website ranking higher for generic keywords regarding your App for which even your App Store page does not rank. Use this opportunity to drive traffic from your site to your App Store page. The whole idea is to make the App Store page more discoverable in this competitive application arena.

Driving traffic from a website to the App Store page is an efficient technique that has wonders for many developers.


Being able to help your customers with any problems they might experience with your application is a key necessity for a successful business workflow. Having a website can provide a more accomplished way for your customers to reach out to you for suggestions/support. As you may be aware, Apple does not allow developers to be involved in the reviews which are posted on their application pages.

Imagine your website to be a store. What if your visitors have a question before they make the purchase or need more information about your App that the App Store page does not provide? This is exactly where your website comes in the picture.

However with the use of a website or a forum, such problems can be attended to, additionally users and press can contact the developer a lot easily than being directed through Apple. Take a look at an example forum here (http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forum/).

Easier to Find and Buy

A business URL for a website can usually be quite memorable to a user, compared to the complicated App Store URL for your App. This may allow you to increase traffic and also help users share the details of your App with other users using your website as the primary ground.

The impression of your application cannot be implemented and made obvious on the App Store due to the consistent design structure of such destinations. However, users can get a good idea about an application’s quality of design or infrastructure by way of presenting a well designed and developed website to them. This will then give the user a free taster of what the application and the developer are all about to then lead them to a decision of whether they like your work or not. At the end of the day, the basic idea behind all of this is to create an excellent website so that the user is convinced enough to buy your App.

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