5 Tips To Get Reviewed By App Review Sites

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reviewsApp review sites have a lot of traffic. Readers are constantly on the lookout for great Apps to download. Once featured on a big App review site, chances are that your sales numbers should increase instantly. Once the article about your App starts to be shared by readers via social media and email, the more hype will be built around your App.

Most of the times, if one major publication features your App, your App gets the attention of numerous other publications who would in turn publish an article about your App, if your App is truly unique.

So how do you garner the attention of these big App review sites? Here are 5 tips to help you along the way:

1. Write the Perfect Pitch

In order to write the perfect pitch, you need to keep a few things in mind.

-Keep is short and simple
-The subject should be extremely attractive (Test multiple versions and choose the one that works out the best)
-Clearly indicate that you are looking to get your App reviewed
-Include all necessary links
-Include link to YouTube video, if possible
-Offer promo codes (if App is paid)
-Provide valid contact information
-Offer high quality graphics and screenshots

All of these make up for the perfect pitch. Try to be as creative as possible. Mix and match words that best describe your App in one sentence and make it the first paragraph. It’s all about the attention. If you can capture the attention of the blogger/journalist within the first few seconds, you’ve made it.

Here’s a good sample pitch for starters.

2. Build up a list

Have an extensive list of emails of bloggers and journalists. Collect all of their email addresses and build up a list. It is often a good idea to also collect the email of individual writers writing for a big site and then even pitch your App idea to each of them.

Send everyone a personalized email. Don’t just send one email via some email marketing service, send every one a mail from your official App email account.

3. Follow up via Social Media

You’ll find most of the writers on Twitter and Facebook. Try to reach out to them via these powerful platforms and request them to review your App. Don’t bother them all the time, just ask them politely.

Make sure that you don’t send the same message to everyone, again customize & personalize it. Get your social media marketing in order and build up an influential following.

4. Have a Media Kit

A media kit is essential. It should be one file containing all the necessary information about your App to which journalists can refer to.

Here’s a post about the things that you should include in your press kit – http://blog.appversal.com/here-is-what-you-should-include-in-your-app-press-kit/

5. Optimize Priority Reviews

Priority reviews are a neat way to get your App featured on App review sites. If some sites do so, it is always a good idea to go ahead and optimize this feature. Most of the websites are quite honest and never guarantee a positive review which is a good thing. With an expedited review, your App gets guaranteed coverage on the App review site, helps build up links and also get featured on the website’s social media accounts and following.

These few tips should increase your chances of getting featured on App review sites. Has your App been featured? Tell us how you made it.

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