5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Great About Your App

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happyappWhat gives customers a sense of satisfaction? What makes them happy? What makes them feel great about your product and recommend it to their family and friends? The answer lies in the details.

As a business, you need to make your customer feel great about using your product. Let’s take a concrete example – Starbucks. What makes people spend money on coffee at Starbucks locations every single day? It’s about the trust, satisfaction and quality that Starbucks is able to deliver. Walk into any of their stores across the globe, and you’ll get the same experience all through-out. Starbucks also manages to stay ahead on the technology front and delivers a brilliant mobile App that allows customers to do all sorts of things from managing their account to paying at a location directly via the App and lots more. Starbucks ensures that their customers feel great about their product, deliver the best possible experience and that’s the formula that has helped them become so big.

In a similar fashion, whenever someone sees your App for the first time – right from the App Store till the very last usage activity, your customer should feel simply ecstatic. It doesn’t mean that you go absolutely crazy with all the elements, but just focus on the details.

#1 Design that flows

Your App’s design is the door into your customer’s mind, body and heart. To capture the attention of your customer, your design needs to be extraordinarily stunning.

Not being consistent is a common mistake that Apps make. Apps are not consistent across platforms. Choose the right colors, patterns, textures and pour your heart into the little details.

Clear by RealMac Software is an App that is consistent all throughout and displays great design taste. Clear looks and feels the same on iPhone and even on the Mac. Clear is clearly famous for its gestures on iPhone. Although it is tough to replicate the same gestures on a Mac, RealMac Software have done an incredible job so Clear feels the same on iPhone and Mac. Brilliant user experience.

If you are replicating a real world experience in a mobile App, skeuomorphism is a good technique that you should follow.

A Skeuomorph is “an object or feature which imblitates the design of a similar artifact in another material.”

When Apple’s iBooks App replicates the turning of a page with a neat animation, that’s real life like and always a good idea to incorporate in your App (if applicable).

Here’s a great article about the very best Apps that make user experience a breeze.

#2 Build in trust


Evernote has built a brand. People now trust everything coming in from Evernote.

Your customers need to trust you. With trust, comes respect. Add pages within your App that link to your social media profiles, your App website and an email where customers can reach you. Provide as much contact information as you can right from the iTunes description page to within the App itself.

Adding testimonials and constantly updating the App will help boost trust as well. Some of the leading App review sites on the internet have a “freshness meter” (App update cycle) that they use to check an App before reviewing. So it’s really important to keep updating your App so customers understand that you clearly value growth.

Evernote has built a brand around its initial App. The company has constantly acquired new Apps and now inherits a culture that its customers trust. Recently, Evernote acquired Penultimate, an already popular handwriting note taking App. Penultimate is now a part of the Evernote brand and people automatically trust in it. It’s the halo effect. Once you get customers to trust your brand, anything coming from your company will have a more widespread effect.

#3 Pitch perfect to your customers

Your pitch is a make or break situation. Pitch out here does not refer to journalists, but instead to your potential customers. You need to pitch the idea to people in a way that makes it sound worthwhile to them. Write a well formatted description for your App that you can use in your App description on the App Store, website, email to journalists and more.

Research more about copywriting and keep testing different combinations of words that best define your App. Most importantly, figure out the perfect single sentence that completely describes the entire concept of your App. Your App description, instructions and all other text relating to your App needs to be presented to the user in a easily understandable format.

#4 Personalize things


Fancy App provides a highly personalized user experience based on your likes and dislikes.

Everybody loves personalized items. If your App includes a sign up form, collect the first name of your user and greet them by that name at the front page.

If your App integrates with Facebook, it’s always a good idea to extract the name of the user (with permission) and use it for personalization. Not only the name, but things like the ability to restore previous sessions, shopping carts and collected items go a long way.

#5 Always deliver what you promise


Your App concept is nothing but a promise that you are making to the customer. A customer buys into your promise. Always deliver what you promise, and always strive to deliver more than what you’ve promised. That’s the key to ultimate customer satisfaction.

An example of an App that delivers what it promises is Viber. Viber is a great App that promises users free calls and texts over the internet. That is exactly what they deliver. Every single time. No hidden fees or charges and the calls are as high quality as advertised.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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