5 Ways to Stay Ahead on Twitter and Increase Sales

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Social media is becoming more and more influential to the way in which businesses operate, especially in the technology industry. Your business needs to stay ahead of the curve, be unique and leverage the enormous power of Twitter to acquire new customers.

Here are 5 useful ways to get yourself discovered on Twitter – so that you can potentially increase the popularity of your business or organization and convert potential users into customers.

1. Tweet Regularly – This, being the most obvious one will enable for you to gain followers if people agree or enjoy reading your tweets. If you find that your tweets aren’t getting noticed (lacking in retweets or replies or clicks) you can use ‘#’ tags which relate to the topic you are tweeting about, this method gets you noticed by people who are not currently following you but would be interested in your area of expertise. Keep tweeting so users understand that you are an active member.

Example – Developers should use the #IDRTG tag to tweet about their Apps. IDRTG is a very large independent developers community and should help you spread the word about your creation.

2. Use Scheduled Tweet Apps – No matter how busy you are, to see your business succeed on Twitter and leverage the power of social media, you have to set aside a specific period of time in a day to tweet regularly, interact with customers and stay a part of your community. For regular tweeting, using websites like BufferApp.com is useful as they allow you to schedule the tweets you wish to go out throughout the day at a time. These websites are particularly good for promotional tweeting and also to tweet one or two inspirational quotes about your niche.

3. Follow People With Similar Interests – You’ve probably already decided to follow the people who are most well known on Twitter, however if you are using your Twitter account for business purposes, you will find that it is best to follow the people who have the same interests as you and your business.

Case – Use tools like tweepi.com and tweetstork.com to find people who are relevant to your interests. Follow them and they are likely to follow you back.

4. Keep Retweeting – Being active on Twitter is one of the most important things to portray if you wish to be noticed. If there is a tweet which catches your interest or just one that you like, retweet it. Not only does this allow you to show your appreciation to the person who has posted the tweet – it will help you build authority in your niche.

Link tracking is essential. Just likes website, make sure that every tweet of yours has got a specific call-to-action for users. You want the user to do something with all of our tweets, like retweet them, click on the link or something else.

Whatever you want to achieve, make sure that you express that. Also, keep a track of how many people are clicking your links. This will help you judge the quality of your followers.

5. Be Yourself and a Leader – As Steve Jobs famously said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.
You need to be dominant in your niche. You need to prove to people and yur followers that whatever solution your business provides, it is the best available in the market. You have to be a leader.

For those of you who are using Twitter for personal uses, it is essential to be extra intellectual and creative with your tweets, but for the most part people show their best appreciation for people who act themselves, theres not a lot of logic in putting on an act on with your Tweets, because after all its your account to express yourself through words. You have to be able to personify your business.

Example – Look at Tweetbot. They always use the account to instantly reply, communicate with people and pour thoughts on ideas, all from the official account.

Twitter is a very powerful tool for promotional purposes. If used in the right way, it can be the #1 way in which your business acquires new customers.

Have got more tips? Please share them with us using the comments section below. Follow AppVersal on Twitter at @appversal for more tips and updates.

Top Twitter image credit – Roma at Dribbble

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