6 Ways To Drive Traffic From Social Media To Your App

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Social Media Traffic - Image Credit - GrowingSocialMedia.comSocial media platforms can boost popularity and profitability of a mobile app, but only if they are optimized in the right way to drive traffic.

The power of social networks is well documented, while their business value has been decisively proven in practice. There is no doubt that additional visibility and direct access to global audiences can help your mobile apps do better in financial terms, but it would be naïve to expect automatic success. Like any other business tool, social networks can be very effective when used to complement natural advantages of the app, something that requires a lot of preparation and skill. Here is a quick list of techniques that could positively affect the level of traffic your application receives from major social networks:

Paid Advertising

Most social networks offer the possibility to purchase space for commercial ads, providing access to users who are not a part of your inner circle. Depending on the level of available finances and scope of your business plans, this could be a good idea in order to get your application exposed to wider audiences. The advantage of this method is that you can decide which users you want to target and then track the effectiveness of each message very precisely. The rule of thumb is that you only want to keep those ads that bring you enough business to justify their cost and remove any that are underperforming.

Continuous Activity


The most basic rule on all networking platforms is that size of your network determines the limits of your outreach and to gain new contacts, you must be present on the network. Accounts that rarely offer any new info tend to be overlooked by the users, most of whom are under constant barrage of new updates arriving from so many sources. The contact base should be regarded as your garden – it takes a lot of work to keep it well supplied with water and free of harmful weeds. However, once you successfully create a strong foundation, your network will spontaneously grow further as users share your posts with their contacts.

Posting Rich Media Content


It has been demonstrated beyond debate that the format in which information is presented can be just as important as the contents. We all know that images and videos attract far more attention and stand much better chance of being re-posted than plain text, simply because visually based contents can be consumed with far less effort. Page layout, picture captions, text formatting and other details also have the potential to create additional traffic if they are balanced well and utilized to create a point of emphasis. That’s why each social media post should be carefully optimized to create a strong first impression and enable easy understanding of key points, as much as technical features of each platform allow.

Giveaways, Free Trials and Promotions

Everybody loves free stuff, that’s age-tested universal truth you can bet a lot of money on and win every time. Nothing will tickle the imagination of your potential customers as much as promise of free products or services, which could actually be a good thing for app developers. It is relatively inexpensive and simple to organize contests for social media users and hand out promo codes, free T-shirts or any other type of reward that could get the users talking about your app. Providing free access to premium features of an app for a limited time is another great option that costs little and achieves a lot. Whatever model you use, freebies are a sure way to secure a steady stream of first time users.

Screenshots and Trailers

You invested a lot of money to make your app look pretty, so it doesn’t make too much sense to keep its looks a secret. Social media are the perfect context to showcase screenshots or trailers that convey the visual identity of the app in a powerful way and you would be foolish not to take advantage of this possibility. Every good mobile application has a specific “look and feel” that can’t be summed up in words and users are more likely to understand what makes it unique if they can see it firsthand. Once they get captivated by the trailer, they might download the app to see the rest.

Links To External Reviews

Your social media account doesn’t exist in a vacuum and you need to feed it constantly with external contents related to your app. What better contents can you think of than reviews of your application, written by reputable professionals who know what they are talking about? If there are independent reviews that cast a positive light on your product, you must do your best to get as much potential customers to read them. Instead of arguing for your own case, you can use well-regarded online publications and blogs as your best advocates, amplifying their impact through the prism of social media. In this way, your other claims will become more credible and your account much more lively.

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