8 Ways To Jump Ahead In The App Store

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goldenjumpThe App Store is a massive phenomenon. There are hundreds of Apps being released every single day. The growth is not distributed evenly, and a small percentage of the most capable providers earn a lion’s share of the profits. This is not an accident, but rather a result of proactive measures these developers have taken in order to make their work visible on the online platform.

Of course, if there was an exact formula for success on the App Store, every mobile app would be Flappy Bird. Instead of one fixed blueprint, there are plenty of different steps you can take to get your App noticed and talked about. Depending on your circumstances, you could combine several of the proposed techniques and create a unique approach that best suits the strengths of your product and your company. Here are some ideas you should think about:

1. Promote Direct Links To Your App

Your entire online marketing strategy should be primed for public promotion of your app. Links to your application download page on the App Store are the most essential tool for successful commercial exploitation of your product and you need to include them in all of your promo materials on the web. Your own website is a great place to start, but you can also use social networks and other online locations, such as blogs and forums dedicated to mobile apps. If you keep promoting the link tirelessly, you will soon see the positive impact of this tactic on your App Store sales!

Create a bit.ly link and use that same link for all of your promotion. Keep an eye on the data to understand which of your marketing channels is driving the most downloads.

2. Choose The Best Keywords

Majority of App Store users rely on general keywords to identify and locate new apps they might be interested in. If you want your app to be frequently downloaded, it is essential that learn which keywords are popular in the category your app belongs to. You should then select one or more of those words into the title of your app so your customers can easily recognize it. You can also include multiple keywords in you app’s metadata (maximum 100 characters), which will and push your app towards the top of search results when users enter these words in the App Store’s search tool.

Coming up with the right keywords involves a lot of research. Constantly keep scanning the best keywords that match your App and use analytics tools to understand the real data behind them.

3. PR Campaigns

Every time you launch a new version of your app or introduce a new feature, you should craft a press release and send it to leading online industry publications, as well as to traditional media outlets. Media exposure can be very valuable for promotion of your app and you should do everything you can to establish contacts with journalists and publish interesting details about your app to the wider audience. As you explore this channel, you will learn many useful tricks that can help you achieve great results even with a limited budget for PR activities.

4. Promo Code Giveaways

The most powerful marketing weapon that all developers have at their disposal is free access to their app. Apple provides you with up to 100 promo codes for each version of your app, which is more than enough to make some noise in the online circles and tickle the imagination of possible future customers. There are numerous ways to distribute the codes depending on your exact marketing strategy, but you should do it with a plan and carefully choose your targets. One possibility is to hand out the promo codes to influential bloggers and tech journalists who could relate their positive experience with your app to their followers.

Use the power of social media to giveaway promo codes on Twitter or Facebook on a constant basis to keep your audience engaged.

5. Paid Advertising

It goes without saying that you must have a solid budget if you want to support your app with an advertising campaign, but in many cases this could be a smart investment that pays off quickly. A relatively small budget will still allow you to place sponsored articles on popular websites, upload promotional videos to YouTube and similar platforms or deliver paid content via major social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon…). Ideally, your campaign should start several weeks before the application is ready, creating the buzz among the users and paving the way for a successful launch.

Facebook could be the most interesting platform for this purpose after the introduction of Mobile Install Ads. These ads have proven to be an excellent tool for driving up the number of installations, as well as for user engagement. Recent data shows that over 60% of best selling apps are using this service, so it is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to gain visibility with a limited budget that most developers typically work with.

6. Maintain Strong Local Focus — App Localization

No matter how exciting the potentials of the global market might seem, each country is a separate market with its own rules. You should think about local users first before you start planning a strategy of world domination, because you are most likely to succeed in the market you know the best. When the time comes to target other countries, you need to provide localization features in order to maximize the number of downloads from the start. Rather than aiming to create a single solution for the average user, you should develop as many local variations as practical.

7. Collaborate With Other Developers

Very few applications on the App Store are direct competition to your product. That means a huge majority of developers have no reason to work against you, and could in fact become your most valuable collaborators. If you can negotiate cross-promotion deals and other forms of mutual support with some of them, you will gain access to a large number of additional customers at no extra cost. Connections within the developer community and good track record in joint promotion projects could also be very useful for your long-term positioning in the mobile app market. Apple developers are a tight family and you can find great answers to practical questions and learn new mobile programming tricks if you are active on the popular forums dedicated to iPhone developers.

8. Ultimately, It’s All About The App

All marketing gimmicks aside, quality of your App is still the most important factor of success at the App Store. Your App will sell if it serves a well-defined purpose that few competitors have targeted before, has great user interface and intuitive features, and contains no bugs of any kind. In that sense, it may pay off to invest in development of a flawless App before seriously considering a launch on the App Store. You have only one chance to make an impression and you should take care of every aspect of your App before you make it publicly available.

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