Advertisers Are Loving the iPad

CTR iPadAdvertisers actively looking promote products and services are simply loving the iPad. Everyday, advertisers are targeting iPad users to achieve high click through rates and get their creation in front of a global audience. According to a recent study of 90 billion ad views by MoPub, a mobile ad network, advertisers are betting big for displaying ads on the iPad.

Comparing click-through rates (CTRs) through different mobile devices (chart above) including the iPhone, an Android phone, an Android tablet and the iPad, MoPub’s data clearly demonstrates that advertisers are warming up to the iPad. In the month of December, the iPad experience a 1.7% CTR while during Jan 1-7, it had a CTR of 2.2%. Advertisers are in love with the device and the data clearly represents that.
eCPM iPad
The iPad is also the leader when it comes to “Effective Cost Per 1000 Ad Impressions” across mobile devices. Advertisers tend to pay more per 1000 impressions when displaying ads on the iPad. Over the holiday season, advertisers were paying almost $1.40 per 1000 impressions. Overall, iOS devices have a higher CTRs and eCPMs compared to Android devices.

Here’s where the data comes from.

17. January 2013 by appversal
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