10 Misconceptions About App Marketing

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These days, the App business is booming. ABI Research predicts that mobile app research revenue will reach 46 billion within the next two years. But the harsh reality is App markets are becoming increasingly competitive. Too many Apps are lost in over-crowded App stores. App search tools are still primitive and most App stores are still struggling to develop technologies that make relevant Apps easily accessible to consumers.

This is not to say, however, that hitting it big in the App world is totally impossible. Many apps have gone on to gain widespread consumer attention and acclaim. So what is the key to app success? The answer is simple: effective app marketing. App marketing can make or break your business. When developing your marketing plan, you will want to be wary of these common App marketing misconceptions.

1. Once you’ve developed your app your job is done. This is one of the most dangerous misconceptions out there. The bottom line is your app is not going to sell itself. Before you even start developing an app you need to have a clear plan of how to market it.

2. Bigger is better. Effective App marketing isn’t about spending a ton of money. It’s about employing strategies that work. Less money spent wisely is better than more money spent blindly. But with that being said, there are things you are going to want to spend money on no matter what. Take a look at the top 5 investments that help an app grow.

3. Rank doesn’t matter. A high rank is essential to visibility. When it comes to app marketing you are going to want to spend time, resources, and money driving your app to the top. Positive reviews are a great way to boost an app’s ranking. For six great ways to get more app reviews be sure to check out this article.

4. The price of an app isn’t an important marketing factor. App prices tend to be low and it is easy to assume that there isn’t much difference between two dollars and three. But app prices do matter. Numerous studies haven shown that app price has a substantial impact on consumer demand, app store engagement, app visibility, sustained popularity, and continued user engagement. So always do your research before setting a price.

5. Price reduction is never a good idea. A drop in price can be a great way to garner attention around an app, helping to boost visibility and draw new customers. A recent Distimo showed that after a price drop, iPhone apps showed an average 1,665% increase in download volume in the next five days.

6. One size fits all. A great way to boost app download is internalization, or expanding your app to oversea markets. However, don’t just expect that your app will be universally well received in all global markets. You will want to do some research and rework things to insure that it flawlessly fits into local markets.

7. App Store Optimization isn’t worth the time or effort. Again, it is important to remember that app search tools are still pretty primitive. Even if consumers are looking for your app it might be a challenge for them to find it. The latest trend in the world of marketing Apps is App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is kind of like the SEO of the app marketing world, working to enhance your App’s visibility through a variety of different strategies, including the optimization of app name, keywords, icons, title, screenshots, etc. Proper optimization of ASO techniques can help you rank better than your competitors for the same keywords.

8. Attracting new customers is more important than keeping current customers. Retention is a huge problem in the app world. 90% of people who download your app will be gone within six months. In order to be successful, you need to retain customers. Of course, a big part of retention involves designing an app around a use case that is consistent and reoccurring. When marketing your app you need to convey to your customers what they get from your app, why they should use, how they should use it, and when they should use it. When it comes to boosting retention rate make sure you are aware and are actively tracking the five most important app metrics.

9. App updates aren’t necessary. App updates are a powerful marketing tool. They encourage engagement and foster retention by reminding your customer base that your app exists and that you’re constantly improving it.

10. As long as customers download your app, it doesn’t matter how frequently they use it. Again, retention is a problem; in order for your App to be successful customers need to download it and use it regularly. This means that your customers need to be using your App frequently. As part of your marketing strategy you should clearly convey to your customers the advantages of using your app on a regular basis.

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