The 20 Marketing Tools Every App Maker Needs

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‘Build it and they’ll come’ isn’t a viable strategy these days as App Store listings exceed 800,000 on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. To compete, App makers need to be able to clearly communicate benefits, influence behavior and measure the success rate of both. In other words: market their Apps.

A simple definition of marketing is any message you communicate to prospects and customers. This includes the various imagery and text that you deliver to your audience through various channels: your website, email, social media, ads, press coverage and even your App’s user interface.

So what are savvy App marketers using to get their message across and their creations noticed? Here’s a ‘best-of’ list of tools to help you ratchet up your App marketing and measure it, so you can boost your wins and reduce your losses.

App Store Intelligence

Most App makers start here. App store intelligence tools help you to track your App’s performance internationally, can help you identify new market opportunities and even tell you how many downloads you need to make the top 25 in a given category and country.

Try App Annie or AppFigures to grab your App store data.

Two other valuable tools for the App Store are Shiny Developments’s Average App Store Review Times for iPhone and Mac, and for your App Store Optimization.


Email is the most direct method of communicating with any audience. With email you have complete control over the design of your message and have the opportunity to create strong relationships with your customers. It’s a must for all successful Apps.

Try Mailchimp for building and segmenting your lists, email templates and campaign analytics.


Social media offers a vast array of options for communicating with your audience, so spend some time learning where they like to hang out and begin building relationships by sharing useful information and reaching out to find out how you can better serve them.

Try Buffer for sharing online. It’s the easiest way to spread out your updates throughout the day and keep your feeds full of useful information for your fans. You can even see which updates resonate best with your audience.

Try HootSuite for listening-in on your community. The dashboard connects to all of your social networks, allowing you to keep an ear to the ground, chat, and post updates.


If you’re looking for a cost-free ad exchange or a way to monetize your App through ads RevMob is a great place to start.


PR is easily one of the biggest challenges for App makers. Take a read through Ben Harvell’s guide to writing a press release for your App. The “10 Steps to Launch Success” guide will tell you everything you need to know to start writing better press releases, including a sample you can follow.

As for sending promo codes to journalists, try UseTokens. It’s a must-have for simplifying promo code management, and it’s free to use with one App.

For media monitoring, try Mention. Setup alerts for your brand and keywords and track any mentions of them on the web, in press, social media and more – a great tool for staying on top of your space.


User analytics, or in-App user analytics, help you focus on building a more engaging App by allowing you to see what your users are doing inside your App. By understanding user behaviour you can adjust the design of your App to encourage desired behaviours, like in-App purchases and social sharing.

Try Flurry to increase your user engagement and monetization.

Marketing analytics use shortlinks to measure how many new users a campaign brings in. You can see conversion rates for any given channel to help you learn the effectiveness of your messaging, where your users come from, how much they cost, and how much they’re worth to you. Once you know where your most valuable users are coming from, you can focus on those channels and scale your user acquisition.

Try Tapstream to help you lower the cost of acquiring new users and pick channels that bring in users with higher lifetime values.

Customer Engagement and Development

Once you have a user inside your App your communication with them shouldn’t stop there. Continue the conversation and make sure they’re enjoying the experience, have everything they need, and know everything they want to know.

Try UrbanAirship for push notifications.
Try for sending in-App messages or emails to your users, based on their behaviours.
Try Apptentive for in-App feedback, surveys and better ratings in less than 15 minutes.

Prototyping and Design

Marketing isn’t just about what you say, it’s how you say it, and how it looks. Good App design is crucial to communicating well.

Try Flinto for quick iOS prototyping (great overview by @MengTo)
Check out Nathan Berry’s 25 Free iOS design resources.
Try App Design Vault for quality iOS design templates.

And last but not least, sometimes you need…

Advice is a great place to find advice from people who have been successful in your area.

Robin bricksAbout The Author:
Robin Campbell leads marketing for Tapstream, a marketing analytics service for Apps, where he helps educate App makers on how to rock their App marketing. He loves to travel and is happy to chat anytime. You can catch him on Twitter or cruise the Tapstream blog for some actionable App marketing tips.

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    Thanks for sharing, Robin! There’s another great tool that fits under several categories you mentioned. Placeit,, lets you showcase your app within seconds. More engaging story behind the product for your potential users.

    We’re currently working on our latest release next week. Let me know if you would like a sneak peek!

    • appversal

      That’s definitely a great tool. Thanks for your input.