6 Ways To Get More App Reviews

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The value of user App reviews is enormous – new customers will be much more confident downloading an app if they see that others who are already using it are satisfied. Of course, nothing can make users write good reviews about the product they don’t like, but there are certain actions that are likely to increase the number of reviews your app is getting on the App Store – most of them with five star ratings. As with other promotional techniques, success is not guaranteed, but here are several ideas that have been proven to work when performed the right way:

1. Boosting international reviews through localization


People can’t describe what they can’t understand and you need to account for the fact that your customers are probably going to come from all continents, with the App Store and Google Play network being such a global phenomenon. Multiple language support and other localization options can be a great way to engage international users, which would in turn lead to higher customer satisfaction level and more positive reviews. The best part is that app localization can be done with less effort than you probably thought possible, so there is simply no excuse to turn away prospective buyers just because they happen not to speak English.

2. Asking close people for the first reviews

All beginnings are humble and promoting your app is no different. Before your app becomes widely popular, reviews will be hard to come by unless they are contributed by the people who know you and would be willing to test and rate the app as a little personal favor. This sounds like a small thing, but industry sources imply this can be a very successful strategy to get your app established. Once the review page is featuring several positive summaries of your app, new users will feel invited to respond with their own opinions, adding credibility to your reputation in the process.

3. Using social networks to activate customers

Keeping the communication lines open at all times is the best way to stay close to your customer’s heart and social networking platforms offer a simple method for this. It has been demonstrated that developers who use messaging to remind their inactive users fare much better in the marketplace and the same mechanism can be used to boost number of positive use reviews for the app. Every time a new update or feature is announced, the entire social community should be prompted to download the new version and report back their experiences.

4. Developing in-app pop up feedback reminder

No reason to leave anything to chance when you can position a tool within of your app designed to motivate users to leave reviews. The app can automatically launch a pop up window that asks for user’s opinion after a certain period of time elapses after the download (i.e. 10 or 20 days), giving the user enough time to acquire a feel for the application but not allowing him to forget about the first impression. Asking the customer for his opinion could be all it takes to drive up the percentage of reviews you get from your customer base!

5. Organizing review exchanges with other developers

Chances are you are not alone in your quest to get as many user reviews for your app as you can, so why not coordinate your actions with developers who could benefit from mutual collaboration? If you accept to review their featured products in return, other independent players will be happy to post honest reviews for your apps. It is not hard to connect with homegrown online networks that enable this type of interaction, so proactive attitude can help you gain a lot of meaningful feedback from people who understand mobile software at no additional cost.

6. Following the advice of your customers


There is usually a reason why customers post reviews – they are either very happy about the app or they have a serious complaint. In the later case, your reaction could well determine the continued success of your app. Fixing bugs quickly is really important if you want to stay in the marketplace, especially so if those bugs were first indicated in the user reviews. This is the quickest way to turn negative reviews into positive ones and to build a long term relationship with your outspoken customers.

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