5 Things To Focus On For Better App Store Optimization

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App StoreWhen you optimize your App for the App Store to achieve better rankings and user visibility, you are performing App Store Optimization. Similar to Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization is a core element that helps you with marketing your App in the right way.

Basically, you need to optimize certain aspects of your App Store page so people convert into customers. Your App icon, description copy, screenshots, title and keywords fall under this category.


They are the backbone of rankings. You need to choose your keywords wisely, and not use too many of them. Keep researching your competitor’s keywords and accordingly adjust your preferences. Invest time in analyzing how the keywords ranks day over day and make the right decisions.

Better ranking = Better discovery = Better sales.

SearchMan, AppStoreRankings, MobileDevHQ and AppCod.es are a few interesting tools to help you with your keyword research process.


Your App’s description needs to be insightful, effective and elegant. Within just a few paragraphs, your description needs to attract users, make them understand what your App does, build up trust in the customer’s mind and eventually make them hit the “Buy” button. 

“Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea.” ~ via Wikipedia.

Make sure your description copy stands out. Adding a pinch of humor to the copy will definitely go a long way in terms of conversion. At the end, make sure you build in trust in users by providing contact information. Mostly users just skim through the description. Very few of them actually read every word of your description. Keep the description’s first few paragraphs attractive enough so users follow on. Adding symbols will help you attract the user’s attention.


Browse the descriptions of some of the top grossing Apps on the App Store and understand their pattern. WhatsApp, the extremely famous messaging App does a great job with its description. The App description clearly lays out the features of the App, provides necessary contact information, uses symbols and within the first few paragraphs, captures the attention of the user.


Probably the most important part of App Store Optimization. The first thing that a regular user looks on your App Store page are screenshots. If your screenshots are bad, forget it, users won’t buy the App. Your App is like a whole new shop and your screenshots are the glass windows. Users would like to peek through the windows to get an idea of the store. 

Your App needs great screenshots, because screenshots are no longer screenshots. They need to be clear and crisp. Use words within your screenshots to explain what the screen is all about – a mass appealing strategy being optimized by more and more developers every day. 

Screenshot examples –



Get design professionals to design perfect screenshots for your App.


Reviews and ratings are critical to the way in which your App ranks for searches within the App Store. They also influence customer decision. If your App has got 3 stars or below ratings and the reviews from customers are low graded, your App won’t rank higher and neither will it urge the customer to hit the buy button.

There are two possibilities – your App has got less reviews and ratings or your App has got bad reviews and ratings. Both are an issue.

For less reviews and ratings, try to get customers engaged within the App and request them to review your App by sending a pop up notification at times. Let customers know via the description, website and from within the App that you want them to review the App so you can improve it and add new features.

For bad reviews and ratings, you need to clearly work on your App. Analyze customer feedback and create a list of the feature additions and improvements suggested. Categorize them based on priority and work towards it. Send out updates and gradually if customers like your work, things should get better.

Participate in review exchange programs such as this and this.

ReviewForDev is a neat service that allows you to get honest feedback and reviews on your App.


When it comes to App Store Optimization, your icon needs to be designed perfectly, like perfectly. If your App icon fails to capture the attention of the user, pack your bags and go home.

Your App icon is like a window to your App. By just looking from outside, your App icon gives users a sense of what they can expect inside. Hire a killer designer and make sure that your App icon is outstanding.

Coming to the title, the title of your App does not effect rankings, but it is always a good idea to stuff keywords inside your App title to attract some search engine traffic.

Dribbble is always a great place to browse for design inspiration. Here’s what a search for App icon will produce.

Let us know your thoughts via the comments section below.

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