8 Ways To Jump Ahead In The App Store

goldenjumpThe App Store is a massive phenomenon. There are hundreds of Apps being released every single day. The growth is not distributed evenly, and a small percentage of the most capable providers earn a lion’s share of the profits. This is not an accident, but rather a result of proactive measures these developers have taken in order to make their work visible on the online platform. Continue reading 8 Ways To Jump Ahead In The App Store

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What To Tweet For Marketing Your App? Here Are 5 Things

appstoretwitterMore than 200 million people use Twitter every day. That’s 200 million potential customers for your business if you play your cards right. Staying active and sending out regular tweets is a must if you want to get noticed, but producing enough good postings can present a challenge for some business owners. While each individual situation deserves a more detailed analysis, here are some smart ideas for tweets for your App Twitter page: Continue reading What To Tweet For Marketing Your App? Here Are 5 Things

5 Reasons Why EduTech Is The Next Big Thing


Education is definitely a field where new technologies are making a huge, visible and palpable impact. After all, it is so much more fun to learn about great historical battles or chemical experiments when examples and illustrations are provided in a media-rich format, with plenty of interactive features. Here are some of the main reasons why numerous industry analysts believe that electronic learning is on its way to huge popularity and amazing financial potentials: Continue reading 5 Reasons Why EduTech Is The Next Big Thing

6 Ways To Drive Traffic From Social Media To Your App

Social Media Traffic - Image Credit - GrowingSocialMedia.comSocial media platforms can boost popularity and profitability of a mobile app, but only if they are optimized in the right way to drive traffic.

The power of social networks is well documented, while their business value has been decisively proven in practice. There is no doubt that additional visibility and direct access to global audiences can help your mobile apps do better in financial terms, but it would be naïve to expect automatic success. Like any other business tool, social networks can be very effective when used to complement natural advantages of the app, something that requires a lot of preparation and skill. Here is a quick list of techniques that could positively affect the level of traffic your application receives from major social networks: Continue reading 6 Ways To Drive Traffic From Social Media To Your App

10 Misconceptions About App Marketing


These days, the App business is booming. ABI Research predicts that mobile app research revenue will reach 46 billion within the next two years. But the harsh reality is App markets are becoming increasingly competitive. Too many Apps are lost in over-crowded App stores. App search tools are still primitive and most App stores are still struggling to develop technologies that make relevant Apps easily accessible to consumers.

This is not to say, however, that hitting it big in the App world is totally impossible. Many apps have gone on to gain widespread consumer attention and acclaim. So what is the key to app success? The answer is simple: effective app marketing. App marketing can make or break your business. When developing your marketing plan, you will want to be wary of these common App marketing misconceptions. Continue reading 10 Misconceptions About App Marketing

6 Ways To Get More App Reviews


The value of user App reviews is enormous – new customers will be much more confident downloading an app if they see that others who are already using it are satisfied. Of course, nothing can make users write good reviews about the product they don’t like, but there are certain actions that are likely to increase the number of reviews your app is getting on the App Store – most of them with five star ratings. As with other promotional techniques, success is not guaranteed, but here are several ideas that have been proven to work when performed the right way: Continue reading 6 Ways To Get More App Reviews

Why Apple Should Bring Video Trailers To The App Store


Choosing between competing apps is not easy, not with so many apps with similar names and descriptions showing up at the App store every month. That’s why everyone is excited about the video trailer for Clumsy Ninja only on the UK App Store, the first of its kind ever on this platform, which could be a sign that Apple intends to enable this option for other apps as well. While details regarding Apple’s exact plans are not clear at the moment, there are plenty of arguments why inclusion of video clips on the App Store could be a really great decision, both from a business standpoint and in terms of keeping the users happy. Continue reading Why Apple Should Bring Video Trailers To The App Store

5 Mobile App Investments Your App Needs To Grow


There are thousands of great Apps available for download, but only some actually manage to make an impact when it comes to sales. Part of the explanation for this phenomenon is that developers often neglect certain areas that can be very important for adoption of the application on a mass scale and its commercial success. A great app idea alone is not enough to secure future revenues, even if its technical features are executed to perfection. It takes a well-rounded effort to launch a winner – if an app has just a single weakness, this feature is likely to draw criticism and scare potential customers away. This is why it makes sense for development studios to make serious investments into proven success drivers, including but not limited to: Continue reading 5 Mobile App Investments Your App Needs To Grow

Top 5 App Analytics Tools To Make Data Driven Decisions

analyticsHaving a successful app is almost never a coincidence. It is a result of smart decisions made by analyzing App analytics, as well as a sharp sales strategy that fits company strengths. The quickest way to understand the way users interact with an app is to track and analyze key metrics related to app usage or sales statistics. While some data can be collected with basic tools such as iTunes Connect, advanced analysis requires finer instruments that can provide detailed insight into user data. Here is a selection of excellent analytics packages that can be used with confidence to guide future actions of app development companies: Continue reading Top 5 App Analytics Tools To Make Data Driven Decisions

5 Key App Metrics You Should Track

Localytics Dashboard

All strategies are allowed when it comes to maximizing revenues from your commercial or business application and statistical analysis is one of the best approaches in this respect. After the app is launched, developers and business owners can take advantage of abundance of insightful metrics that can be collected using some of the current analytic tools. However, such a variety of options can be difficult to sift through and arrive at meaningful conclusions if the data is not observed in relation to primary purpose of the app, so extra attention should be paid to indicators that follow economic parameters. Here is a short list of metrics crucial for every business app, since they tell you exactly how well are you connecting with your target group and how much income you can expect from your application: Continue reading 5 Key App Metrics You Should Track