20 Modern App UI Designs That Stand Out

App UI Design ProcessApp UI design is a hot topic in the online community these days, since it affects how well a newly launched application would be received by the users. After all, people don’t care what an app can do if its use leads to frustration or confusion more frequently than to desired outcome. Developers are quickly recognizing the impact of design and increasingly coming up with excellent app UI design solutions. Here is a short overview of the iOS apps that feature memorable and effective UI design: Continue reading 20 Modern App UI Designs That Stand Out

Big Question For Developers – Phones, Tablets Or Both

iosdevicesApp developers are in great demand these days, but many in the industry wander whether it is more profitable to specialize for a single hardware category or to acquire all-around expertise.

Mobile platforms are quickly becoming the main battlefield in the war between large IT corporations – even the old-school industry leaders such as Microsoft are forced to seriously consider the marketing potentials of this fast-growing new field. Tablet computers and smartphone devices are currently eating away significant market share from traditional PC’s, creating additional demand for mobile app developers in the process. While the smartphones outsold tablets in 2012 with 900 million units shipped worldwide compared to 128 million, analysts expect that with a 50% growth rate year-over-year the tablets will soon outpace PC sales and it won’t be long before they become the preferred platform for internet browsing. All this is great news for mobile app developers who earn their livelihood on App Store or Google Play, but right now it isn’t entirely clear what the future will bring when it comes to the future of this blossoming software engineering field. Continue reading Big Question For Developers – Phones, Tablets Or Both

10 Reasons Why Developers Choose Android Over iOS


The leading mobile platforms are advancing by leaps and bounds, with new OS versions for both Android and iOS having been recently released. However, the development community is still bitterly divided over the dilemma which platform is better for the people creating the apps, both sides armed with strong arguments supporting their preference. While there are certainly reasons to consider picking iOS, a very strong case could also be made for Android as well, particularly for developers looking to get established quickly. Here is a list of reasons that can justify such a decision: Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Developers Choose Android Over iOS

How App Developers Are Cashing In On iOS 7

ios7Many App developers are cashing in on the release of the new iOS 7. A few visionary app development trail blazers are showing us in practice how it can be done.

After a long period of worldwide anticipation, Apple has finally launched its latest iOS 7 software platform, causing a huge number of users to update their systems. There is little doubt such a move will once more prove profitable for the Cupertino-based tech giant, but smaller app design studios and individual developers have a lot of reasons to be happy with such an outcome, too. New interface that comes with iOS 7 offers a wide range of new possibilities to completely re-think countless of successful applications and create additional market for advanced mobile development skills. All around the web, some of the most popular iOS apps are experiencing significant overhauls and innovations, with practically the entire app universe undergoing a period of change. Of course, that also means developers have a whole new level to think about and work with, enabling some of them to strike it rich thanks to the platform upgrade. Here are some of the strategies smart app developers are using to their advantage: Continue reading How App Developers Are Cashing In On iOS 7

20 App Icon Designs For Your Inspiration

campaignmonitordesignMobile apps are increasingly becoming a key part of our lives – they are the shortcuts for hundreds of routine tasks we do every day. Having this in mind, it makes a lot of sense that app icon design also plays a huge role in determining the quality of user experience, since we spend a great deal of our time looking at these tiny representations of software tools on our screens. In addition to being an easy reminder about the app’s purpose, a well-designed icon has the power to inspire and motivate us, a power to make our day a little better and our daily schedules a little more bearable. Continue reading 20 App Icon Designs For Your Inspiration

10 Reasons Why Developers Choose iOS Over Android


We are all aware of the long-standing rivalry between two leading mobile operating systems – Apple’s iOS and Google-powered Android. Both sides have a lot of supporters, but nobody knows more about the inside story of the two platforms than the developers who create applications for them. Judging by their opinions, it appears that iOS has the upper hand at the moment and will continue to rule this market in the foreseeable future. Here are the reasons for this conclusion: Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Developers Choose iOS Over Android

Here’s Why And How To Use Design Personas For Your App

appstoreiconIf your App were a person, who would it be? Would it be cheerful and playful, making everyday life fun? Or would it be serious and suited up, much like a trustworthy business partner with tons of experience?

Meet the design persona: the practice of describing a product or service using human traits. It helps designers and marketers alike convey more personality through visual design, copy and interactions. It’s fairly recent and web designers instantly fell in love with it – but it can also become an extremely useful tool for App developers, too.

Why should you come up with a design persona for your App? Continue reading Here’s Why And How To Use Design Personas For Your App

7 Ways To Get Your App Featured On Google Play

playpicksLet’s crunch the numbers: there are more than 900 million devices running on Android out there, and 1.5 million more are powered up and activated every single day. The number of downloads on Google Play just hit the 50 billion milestone and is expected to hit 60 billion faster than Apple’s App Store.

It’s a great time to build Android Apps – more users of the platform bring more sales and ad revenues for mobile developers. But there’s also one big downside to it all. Your Apps face tons of heavy competition, which means it’s harder than ever to get them noticed by the majority of users. Continue reading 7 Ways To Get Your App Featured On Google Play

4 Places To Sell Your App

apptopiasaleSince App Store opened doors for the first time five years ago, developers on iOS had one huge problem: the total lack of an exit strategy. Once they built an App, they were stuck with it forever. They could only move their Apps to upgraded company accounts, but they couldn’t really sell them to other developers.

But now – 900,000 Apps built by more than 300,000 developers later – Apple finally enabled the transfer of ownership from one developer/company account to another. Great news for those in the iOS ecosystem, because they can finally sell their Apps to other players. Continue reading 4 Places To Sell Your App

5 Things You Should Know About Using App Promo Codes

Promo Codes via iTunes Connect

When it comes to marketing your App, promo codes can be a really helpful tool to increase its visibility by getting more reviews from bloggers and engaging new users through contests or giveaways. Often, developers underestimate the power of giving others the chance to try out their Apps for free – that’s why knowing how and where to pitch promo codes can get your App far ahead of its competitors. Continue reading 5 Things You Should Know About Using App Promo Codes