Pocket – 63% Users Already on iOS 6

Pocket App Stats iOS 6Pocket, the highly popular App that simplifies reading has recently put up a blog post that shows the rapid adoption of iOS 6. The developers point out that 63% of their ever growing customer base are already on iOS 6. Considering the success of the iPhone 5, the recent sales numbers also show that 20% of Pocket’s daily iPhone users are now accessing the App from the iPhone 5. The developers were smart enough to quickly update their App to support the larger screen and iOS 6.

Here are the stats for the device usage –

iPhone 5 Pocket Stats

via (Pocket Blog)

Apple Now Wants Developers to Submit iPhone 5 Screenshots

Apple is now wanting developers to submit iPhone 5 screenshots to the App Store. Apple now has new screenshots requirements that developers need to comply with. The iPhone 5 sports a larger gorgeous 4 inch retina display and so your screenshots need to go well along with it.

Here are the new requirements –

– 640 x 1136 (portrait)
– 640 x 1096 (portrait)
– 1136 x 640 (landscape)
– 1136 x 600 (landscape)

Here is the mail that Apple is sending to all developers –

New Screenshots iPhone 5 Requirements

Update your Apps soon to take advantage of the larger real estate!

App Store By The Numbers From The iPhone 5 Event

iOS devicesApple recently announced the much-awaited iPhone 5 in amid fanfare. As always, Apple revealed certain numbers regarding the App Store which App developers should take note of.
400 Million iOS Devices Sold
Firstly, Apple has sold 84 million iPads through June. The device was launched two and a half years ago. Developers, there is your iPad market size – 84 million. Almost all of Fortune 500 companies are testing and deploying iPads, as reported by Apple. It is good idea to have your App universal if it is not yet. Apple has sold 400 million iOS devices through June.
More than 100 Apps per user
90% Apps Downloaded Every Month
Coming to the vibrant App Store, the economy is just rising. There are over 700K Apps in the App Store. 250,000 iPad Apps.

90% of the Apps in the 700K are downloaded every month and the customer downloads an average of 10 Apps, interesting!

It is a good time to invest in the App Store economy and make some killer Apps that users would love to use everyday.

5 Things To Do Before You Launch Your App – Pre-Launch Marketing

iPhone 4S Pre-Launch Coming SoonCertain things need to be done before you launch your App so that it reaches users and you are all set for the exciting days ahead. Pre-launch marketing is absolutely important so that before you even set foot on the App Store, you should be able to generate buzz around your launch.

Before you make your App go live on the App Store, make sure you follow the below five pre-launch marketing techniques –

1. Build up Social Media Links – You know how all these experts talk about the importance of social media. Well, turns out that social media marketing is crucial to the success of your App. Before your App goes live on the App Store, make sure to have an official company account or a specific account for your App set up. You don’t need to setup a profile on all the possible sites. Just target the few important ones.

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Google Plus
5. Quora

That’s it. Focus on just the above ones, and you should be all set up. The above mediums are the most widely used and should help you communicate the message and idea of your upcoming App to users.

2. Create a Website – A website is a home for your App. It is a place where potential customers would visit to learn more and gather more information about your App before they make a purchase. Make sure to have a website for your App ready that highlights the core features of your App. Add screenshots, videos, reviews and even a support page to build in trust in your users and lead them to make the purchase. AppVersal designs and develops complete App websites. Check it out here.

3. Collect Emails – Email marketing is the best form of pre-launch marketing. Try to build up a list of emails of people who are likely to be interested in your App. Get those people to opt-in to your list.

Here is how Face-Jack Me asks for user emails –

4. Research for Keywords – Keywords are very important. They affect the way in which your App will be ranked on the App Store and also on the web. It is a significant part of the App Store Optimization process and should progress gradually.

Before you make your App live on the App Store, do complete Keyword Research on your App niche. Use AppCode.es to monitor your competitors.

For example, if you are launching a brand new quotes App, type Quotes on AppCod.es to research for the keywords that your competition uses and then build upon it.


Always remember that you can only update your keywords list when you submit an update to your App. During that time, carefully analyze your competition along with your own ranking with tools like TopAppCharts.com and add new keywords over time.

5. Feature A Video Demo (Sneak Preview) – Did you notice the way in which Clear, the simple and intuitive to-do App from RealMac Software pulled off an incredible pre-marketing technique to go on to develop an incredible App which got featured in almost all of the major publications?

That is pre-marketing at its very best. So what Clear did was that they set up a beautifully designed webpage for the App which mentioned some of its features and just put a simple video at the center of the page.

The video was crisp and to the point. It had a person who was drinking coffee in the morning (as usual) and was running his fingers through this incredible new to-do App to manage the rest of his day. He was doing all of it seamlessly by just swiping, dragging and using simple gestures. Magically.

The App wasn’t live then but it gave a sneak preview of what it would be when it would come out. The RealMac Software team nailed it. The video got picked up by TechCrunch, TheNextWeb and so many leading publications. The day the App went live, users went crazy about it because the pre-marketing was so strong. They also had a sign up form on their site which asked users for their email address. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here is the video that made it large –

So there you go. Those are the most important techniques that are used to make App pre-launching a success. Let us know if you have any other techniques.

iOS and Android Have Higher Adoption Rate Than Any Other Consumer Product

iOS and AndroidiOS and Android devices are being adopted rapidly by end users. According to Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, iOS and Android devices are being adopted faster than any other consumer product in history. An interesting thing to note as pointed out by Flurry is that iOS and Android devices are being adopted “10X faster than that of the 80s PC revolution, 2X faster than that of 90s Internet Boom and 3X faster than that of recent social network adoption.”
flurry iOS and Android activations
US has the highest number of device activations amounting to 165 million devices last month alone. China has gathered a lot of momentum and holds second spot with 128 million devices activated in the month of July, 2012. The third is UK which has 31 million device activations.
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TestFlight’s New Desktop App Goes Into Beta

testflight desktopWe use TestFlight a lot! If you are unaware about TestFlight, it is a service that allows developers to assign beta testers to the initial versions of the application to acquire feedback and fix bugs before the final release.

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Here Are The Top Words Used in App Titles on iOS

appsfireApp titles play a huge role in marketing your App. Certain words included in the App title not only help your App rank higher on App Store searches but also when a user uses the search feature of the iOS device. Titles are the main App title and not the keywords or the description. Appsfire did a study on many App titles and found out the most used words by developers to rank higher. Continue reading Here Are The Top Words Used in App Titles on iOS

5 Ways to Stay Ahead on Twitter and Increase Sales

Social media is becoming more and more influential to the way in which businesses operate, especially in the technology industry. Your business needs to stay ahead of the curve, be unique and leverage the enormous power of Twitter to acquire new customers.

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