Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture


With 150 million smartphones, 5.5 billion downloads, and double-digit growth in app and mobile ad sales, the China app market appears to be a gold-laden opportunity for iOS and Android developers operating anywhere in the world. The escalation of 700,000 apps combined with slow absolute growth in smartphone adoption has made the US and Euro markets increasingly competitive. Developers and mobile marketers can no longer afford to ignore the China opportunity. Continue reading Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture

India Goes All In On Apps



Mobiles are arguably the most omnipresent modern technology in some developing countries; more people have access to a mobile phone than to a bank account, electricity or even clean water. In India mobile communications have been the most visible manifestation of the extraordinary digital accomplishments seen in the past decade, from providing basic access to education and health related information to making cash payments to crowd sourcing- the growing list firmly establishes us as a ‘mobile first’ economy. Continue reading India Goes All In On Apps

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5 Key App Metrics You Should Track

Localytics Dashboard

All strategies are allowed when it comes to maximizing revenues from your commercial or business application and statistical analysis is one of the best approaches in this respect. After the app is launched, developers and business owners can take advantage of abundance of insightful metrics that can be collected using some of the current analytic tools. However, such a variety of options can be difficult to sift through and arrive at meaningful conclusions if the data is not observed in relation to primary purpose of the app, so extra attention should be paid to indicators that follow economic parameters. Here is a short list of metrics crucial for every business app, since they tell you exactly how well are you connecting with your target group and how much income you can expect from your application: Continue reading 5 Key App Metrics You Should Track

Apple Paid Out $8 Billion to Developers

Tim Cook AppsApple’s CEO, Tim Cook announced today that the company has paid around $8 billion to developers, a jump of $1 billion in just a month. The App Store already boasts more that 775,000 Apps with 300,000 of them specifically tailored for the iPad. This acceleration in developer payouts clearly indicates the rate at which the App economy is moving. Continue reading Apple Paid Out $8 Billion to Developers

Advertisers Are Loving the iPad

CTR iPadAdvertisers actively looking promote products and services are simply loving the iPad. Everyday, advertisers are targeting iPad users to achieve high click through rates and get their creation in front of a global audience. According to a recent study of 90 billion ad views by MoPub, a mobile ad network, advertisers are betting big for displaying ads on the iPad. Continue reading Advertisers Are Loving the iPad

40 Billion Downloads and Counting – Apple App Store

AppsApple has just sent out a press release stating that over 40 billion Apps have been downloaded from the App Store. Half of the downloads were done in the past year and two billion downloads in the last month (December). 500 million active accounts are now a part of the Apple App Store. Re-downloads and updates are not a part of these numbers. There are more than 775,000 Apps in the App Store, with 300,000 specifically tailored for the iPad. Apple has already paid out over $7 billion to App developers.

These figures are simply stunning and clearly prove time and time again that the market is explosive. The pace is extraordinary. As far is Google Play is concerned, the last public numbers suggested that over 25 billion Apps have been downloaded from the Google Play network and over 675,000 Apps are part of the ecosystem. Continue reading 40 Billion Downloads and Counting – Apple App Store

Google Play is Growing, But App Store Is Still The One With Cash

Cross-StoreThe Apple App Store and the Google Play Network are growing like crazy, we all know that. Although Google Play is constantly growing, the Apple App Store is still the one with cash. According to a recent report posted by Distimo (mobile App analytics firm), in recent months, Google Play has been growing constantly, but the daily revenues coming in from the Apple App Store is far higher than that generated by the Google Play network. Developers are simply earning more from the App Store, and that’s because of the complete ecosystem that Apple has built around its devices and the control that it exerts. Continue reading Google Play is Growing, But App Store Is Still The One With Cash

One Million Apps Have Been Submitted to the App Store

AppsFire today announced that over a million Apps have been submitted to the Apple App Store since July 2008. The App Store is definitely a global phenomenon and hundreds of thousands of Apps are being purchased by users every single day. From the one million App submissions since 2008, 493,289 were paid and 158,848 were games. Of the 736,247 apps that are currently live 336,270 are paid (around 45 percent), while 120,065 are games (around 16 percent).

Apple has over 400 million customers who use iTunes for App purchases and are constantly looking for new Apps everyday. At the iPad mini event, Apple announced that the App Store has over 700,000 live Apps in the App Store available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Since Apple has also rejected many Apps and since many more are under review, the actual number of Apps available will be lower than one million. One million Apps have been submitted to the App Store till date. 90% of all App Store Apps are downloaded every month.

In four years, customers have downloaded 35 billion Apps. Coming to the Google Play network, there are over 675,000 Apps in the store (as revealed in September).

Which Category Of Apps Are Users Most Loyal To?

App LoyaltySome Apps are used daily, some weekly, some monthly and some even yearly. All of them serve a purpose. In a recent research, Flurry analytics has released a new report that gives us an insight into which Apps are most frequently used by users. Just like everything in this universe, Apps have a limited lifetime. Old Apps will be replaced by newer ones someday or the other.

The result has been divided into four quadrants and help us understand the categories of Apps that users are most loyal to.

Quadrant I: Apps that are used intensively and to which users remain loyal over time. News and communication apps appeared here as they have stable, growing audiences and are best positioned to generate ad revenu or charge a subscription, said Flurry. Consumers see these apps as having lasting value.

Quadrant II: Apps that are used intensively, for finite periods of time. These deliver their value in bursts and include streaming music, dating and social games. With dating apps, once they do as promised (get you into a relationship, that is), they’re no longer needed, for example.

Quadrant III: Apps that are used infrequently and have high churn. Personalization apps are found here (think: changing a background or homescreen wallpaper). Once setup is complete, they’re rarely used. These apps should have premium pricing models, says Flurry, in order to charge users before they access the content.

Quadrant IV: Apps used infrequently, but deliver high value when used. These apps stay on a user’s homescreen indefinitely. For example, airline, hotel or car rental booking apps aren’t constantly used, but their value increases when the user is traveling.

Clearly “News” and “Communication” Apps are the most widely used. Flurry also released the average user retention rate for Apps.

User Retention Rate for Apps

Pocket – 63% Users Already on iOS 6

Pocket App Stats iOS 6Pocket, the highly popular App that simplifies reading has recently put up a blog post that shows the rapid adoption of iOS 6. The developers point out that 63% of their ever growing customer base are already on iOS 6. Considering the success of the iPhone 5, the recent sales numbers also show that 20% of Pocket’s daily iPhone users are now accessing the App from the iPhone 5. The developers were smart enough to quickly update their App to support the larger screen and iOS 6.

Here are the stats for the device usage –

iPhone 5 Pocket Stats

via (Pocket Blog)