App Store By The Numbers From The iPhone 5 Event

iOS devicesApple recently announced the much-awaited iPhone 5 in amid fanfare. As always, Apple revealed certain numbers regarding the App Store which App developers should take note of.
400 Million iOS Devices Sold
Firstly, Apple has sold 84 million iPads through June. The device was launched two and a half years ago. Developers, there is your iPad market size – 84 million. Almost all of Fortune 500 companies are testing and deploying iPads, as reported by Apple. It is good idea to have your App universal if it is not yet. Apple has sold 400 million iOS devices through June.
More than 100 Apps per user
90% Apps Downloaded Every Month
Coming to the vibrant App Store, the economy is just rising. There are over 700K Apps in the App Store. 250,000 iPad Apps.

90% of the Apps in the 700K are downloaded every month and the customer downloads an average of 10 Apps, interesting!

It is a good time to invest in the App Store economy and make some killer Apps that users would love to use everyday.