Holiday Wishes From AppVersal

Happy Holidays AppVersal

AppVersal would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your entire family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Looking back, 2015 was an extremely fruitful year for us and we cannot be excited enough for 2016.

AppVersal has major plans moving forward. With one single vision of becoming the “King of the App World”, AppVersal continues to dominate the entire market. With an ever growing team of world-class designers, talented engineers, innovative creative marketing minds and a dedicated customer support staff, AppVersal works hard to make every customer happy. AppVersal owns and runs several other App marketing businesses that are growing to become leaders in their area. Continue reading Holiday Wishes From AppVersal

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Why Apple Should Bring Video Trailers To The App Store


Choosing between competing apps is not easy, not with so many apps with similar names and descriptions showing up at the App store every month. That’s why everyone is excited about the video trailer for Clumsy Ninja only on the UK App Store, the first of its kind ever on this platform, which could be a sign that Apple intends to enable this option for other apps as well. While details regarding Apple’s exact plans are not clear at the moment, there are plenty of arguments why inclusion of video clips on the App Store could be a really great decision, both from a business standpoint and in terms of keeping the users happy. Continue reading Why Apple Should Bring Video Trailers To The App Store

5 Mobile App Investments Your App Needs To Grow


There are thousands of great Apps available for download, but only some actually manage to make an impact when it comes to sales. Part of the explanation for this phenomenon is that developers often neglect certain areas that can be very important for adoption of the application on a mass scale and its commercial success. A great app idea alone is not enough to secure future revenues, even if its technical features are executed to perfection. It takes a well-rounded effort to launch a winner – if an app has just a single weakness, this feature is likely to draw criticism and scare potential customers away. This is why it makes sense for development studios to make serious investments into proven success drivers, including but not limited to: Continue reading 5 Mobile App Investments Your App Needs To Grow

Big Question For Developers – Phones, Tablets Or Both

iosdevicesApp developers are in great demand these days, but many in the industry wander whether it is more profitable to specialize for a single hardware category or to acquire all-around expertise.

Mobile platforms are quickly becoming the main battlefield in the war between large IT corporations – even the old-school industry leaders such as Microsoft are forced to seriously consider the marketing potentials of this fast-growing new field. Tablet computers and smartphone devices are currently eating away significant market share from traditional PC’s, creating additional demand for mobile app developers in the process. While the smartphones outsold tablets in 2012 with 900 million units shipped worldwide compared to 128 million, analysts expect that with a 50% growth rate year-over-year the tablets will soon outpace PC sales and it won’t be long before they become the preferred platform for internet browsing. All this is great news for mobile app developers who earn their livelihood on App Store or Google Play, but right now it isn’t entirely clear what the future will bring when it comes to the future of this blossoming software engineering field. Continue reading Big Question For Developers – Phones, Tablets Or Both

Here’s Why And How To Use Design Personas For Your App

appstoreiconIf your App were a person, who would it be? Would it be cheerful and playful, making everyday life fun? Or would it be serious and suited up, much like a trustworthy business partner with tons of experience?

Meet the design persona: the practice of describing a product or service using human traits. It helps designers and marketers alike convey more personality through visual design, copy and interactions. It’s fairly recent and web designers instantly fell in love with it – but it can also become an extremely useful tool for App developers, too.

Why should you come up with a design persona for your App? Continue reading Here’s Why And How To Use Design Personas For Your App

Here Is What You Should Include In Your App Press Kit

A press kit consists of a packaged set of elements for promotional purposes which helps reviewers get access to high quality promotional material. A well packaged press kit is essential and serves as an excellent promotion tool.

So what elements should a press kit for your App include?

Ideally, the press kit should be available on your App website in two formats – .zip and pure HTML format.

Here is what it should contain –

– Company Logo (jpg and png formats)

– App Trailer (YouTube and Vimeo)

– App Icon (rounded png)

– 4 retina display high quality screenshots

– iTunes Link

– Social Media Links

– Press Release

– Fact Sheet in PDF format which should be a one page document containing all information.

– One .ZIP file containing everything mentioned above

We love the way Cupco Games have designed their Fact Sheet. Find it here.

For inspiration, look at the CrunchTime App press kit here or the Cupco Games Press Kit or the Instapaper Press Kit.

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Find the Best Bar, Club or Cab With Bar Time for iOS

[] Ventura, California – evoLove Design today announces the global availability of Bar Time for iOS. Bar Time helps users find the best bars, clubs and cabs based on their location. With the location as the primary factor, Bar Time instantly searches for bars, clubs and cabs for having the perfect night.

All information is instantly available as Bar Time is completely integrated with Google Maps which provides the most up-to-date location details. Bar Time gives step-by-step directions to the desired destination and guides all along the way to the nearest bar or club. 

For returning back from the club at night, Bar Time also searches for a cab and also allows users to call cabs directly from within the App with the information provided. The Bar Time user interface has been designed with great attention paid to details. Users will be able to instantly switch between Map, List, Directions and even call the desired service if needed.

* Complete List of Bars, Clubs and Cabs
* Integrated with Maps
* Detailed Location View of Club, Bar or Cab
* Step-by-step Directions to Destination

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3/4G iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.1 or later
* 0.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Bar Time v 2.0.1 retails at a price of $0.99 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. A lite free version is also available with ads. Promo codes for reviews will be provided on request.

Located in Ventura, California, evoLove Design designs Apps with a purpose. All of the Apps coming from evoLove Design exists to satisfy a particular user need and is wrapped in a exclusive interface. All Material and Software (C) 2011-2012 evoLove Design. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Simply Declare Gets Featured on CNNMoney

Simply Declare (client) developed by Rae Mapey just got featured on CNNMoney as the #3 Travel App on the App Store. Simply Declare is a remarkable App that allows users to keep a track of their travel purchases for better duty declaration purposes back int their home country. 

You can get Simply Declare from here and try our incredible marketing packages from here.

A very proud moment. Congratulations to Simply Declare!

Launching App Icon Design

App Icons

Your App Icon will make the first impression about your App to users. An App Icon should be so inviting that the user would want to tap it all the time. The icon should convey the message about your App, be bold, beautiful and most of all memorable.

AppVersal is today launching a new service that will help you get an App Icon designed for your App. Our designers work on your App Icon and come up with interesting ideas and mockups which will further evolve into your final design. 

Read all about it on our App Icon Design page

And as always, we are looking forward to your valuable suggestions about the idea. If you have any questions, you can always reach us at