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Our brand new logo is ready. We teamed up with leading designer, Nicolae Toth to create a logo for AppVersal that is minimalist and at the same time sends out a very powerful message to our users. 

Our new logo bears the name AppVersal and along with it an icon that signifies what we do best at AppVersal, marketing your App. 

The icon has four megaphones in a crossed mark which means that we market your App universally and globally. The two circles are the sounds waves that come around when we shout about your App to help it reach more users and AppVersal, the text is in red that signifies “loud” and “rebellious”.

Hope you like it as much as we do!

5 Reasons Why Some Apps Sell So Well

Some Apps, you know, they just make it. Some don’t. It’s a common goal for every appreneur (entrepreneurs in the App business) to sell millions of copies of their Apps. Only some do and the rest don’t. What separates the top sellers from the bottom ones? Why is it that some Apps just sell so god damn well?


Here are the top 5 reasons why some Apps sell like hotcakes –

1. It’s All About The Concept – The most important thing that makes an App successful and different from the others is definitely the underlying concept that powers the App. Without the concept, no matter how good the design is, how much money you’ve spent on marketing or how many users have it on their phone, without the functionality, it is plain nothing. It will never ever sell.

Most people ask us, how do I know if the App’s concept is strong enough, and the common answer is – intuition. You definitely believe in the idea of the App. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have built it in the first place.

You know it is worth something, and that is the whole reason the App even exists.

As Steve Jobs said, keep trying till you find it, don’t settle.

2. Good Design – Design plays a crucial role. Some Apps have absolutely a breath taking design, this makes you want to buy them instantly even if the App does something for which you already have another App. Users need new interfaces all the time.

Great developers have great App designs. To quote the famous quote by Steve Jobs that has been used so many times, “Design is not how it looks or feels, it is how it works”.

Good design should be consistent across websites, social media pages and of course, within the App.

3. Heavy Social Integration – To get more people talking about your App, you need to optimize the remarkable power of social media. Twitter and Facebook integration within any App is must in today’s scenario and is the only sure-shot way of being able to go viral.

For example, LogoQuiz, the #1 Free App on the App Store at the moment allows users to post questions like “Does anybody know which logo this is?” along with the tag #logoquiz. This is one reason that made the App viral.

4. Great Copywriting – For those unaware, Copywriting is the process of writing text that sells (for marketing purposes). For your App, it means the App title and the App description. To sell your App, you need to convince the user that your App is worth the buy.

To do so, the App description is the only way to attract the user via text. Make sure you write in a way that is elegant and most of all, sells. Your App title needs to be apt and keywords set with proper research to rank higher on iTunes search pages as well as Google search results.

5. Incredible Promotion – At last, the reason why some Apps sell so well is because of incredible promotion. With over 500,000 Apps in the App Store and counting, it is extremely hard for users to find the right App.

Anything that you invest in valuable promotion will have a good return. At the end of the day, you have to spend something to make something. It is just like gambling.

What do you think? What makes so Apps different? Let us know in the comments section below.

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TestFlight Releases Redesigned Site

TestFlight recently underwent a major design change. Many developers consider TestFlight as a must have, due to features that cannot be found anywhere else. Prior to this update the web application was already one of the best designed in its class. However there have been small, but rather substantial tweaks and additions to enable developers to identify bugs and flaws in their updates and upcoming Apps.

In addition to this, we have witnessed a large layout change that is designed to aid developers to be more productive when testing and developing Apps. Some of these layout changes allow you to choose a dedicated table for what you are planning and currently doing. Another example of a new feature that has been added in this revamp is the addition of the “More” button, which enables developers to view their history and enable the use of testing 2 or more applications at any given time. To give yourself a good idea of these changes before you think of investing, please be sure to view the graphic on this page which demonstrates the differences between the prior and current product.

Overall we think that this new design and layout is much less cluttered and is a lot cleaner, consequently this proves to be easier on the eye. Many developers say that this allows for a more productive work flow. 

Here is the announcement on the TestFlight blog. If you don’t use TestFlight as a developer, it is time you do now. It will help you test your Apps with others before it goes live for the wider audience.

The Status of the iPad App Store After Two Years and 180,000 Apps

iPad App Store Graph to 180K Apps

It has been nearly two years since the App Store for iPad was announced and now the App Store for iPad boasts around 180,000 Apps designed specifically for the iPad. With the launch of the iPad 3, almost all developers made the big jump in terms of their icon design and started pushing out updates to bring in support for the retina display.

Distimo, an App tracking company has posted graphs demonstrating the success of the platform. As Distimo mentions, the initial boost was ben the whole concept of “universal” application was introduced which made Apps compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad.

App Downloads Every Day

The company also points out that the Apple App Store is the largest App market for tablets in the United States and that the iPad has completely transformed journalism and is now generating revenues unto $70000 for publications like the NYTimes, The Daily and more every single day.

This crazy concept of a unified application store for Apps and the devices that host them has proven to be extraordinarily successful. We all know that. Now the question that developers face is how to get spotted by users in this competitive market place? It is really hard to be discovered when you are competing in a market with over 180,000 Apps available. This is where AppVersal comes in. 

Try us and you’ll be amazed. 

via (TheNextWeb)