India Goes All In On Apps



Mobiles are arguably the most omnipresent modern technology in some developing countries; more people have access to a mobile phone than to a bank account, electricity or even clean water. In India mobile communications have been the most visible manifestation of the extraordinary digital accomplishments seen in the past decade, from providing basic access to education and health related information to making cash payments to crowd sourcing- the growing list firmly establishes us as a ‘mobile first’ economy. Continue reading India Goes All In On Apps

The 6 Most Important Key Performance Indicators In App Marketing


Most independent App developers depend on immediate success of their products to cover ongoing expenses and make a profit, with performance of each App directly tied to their survival. App monetization is a very fragile aspect of business operations and room for error is nearly non-existent, so any inefficiency in the revenue-generating model must be corrected quickly. That would hardly be possible without statistical parameters known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), which are used to determine whether your App is making as much money as it should. Here is a quick overview of essential KPI’s that tell the whole story about your App’s performance: Continue reading The 6 Most Important Key Performance Indicators In App Marketing

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5 Reasons Why EduTech Is The Next Big Thing


Education is definitely a field where new technologies are making a huge, visible and palpable impact. After all, it is so much more fun to learn about great historical battles or chemical experiments when examples and illustrations are provided in a media-rich format, with plenty of interactive features. Here are some of the main reasons why numerous industry analysts believe that electronic learning is on its way to huge popularity and amazing financial potentials: Continue reading 5 Reasons Why EduTech Is The Next Big Thing

10 Reasons Why Developers Choose Android Over iOS


The leading mobile platforms are advancing by leaps and bounds, with new OS versions for both Android and iOS having been recently released. However, the development community is still bitterly divided over the dilemma which platform is better for the people creating the apps, both sides armed with strong arguments supporting their preference. While there are certainly reasons to consider picking iOS, a very strong case could also be made for Android as well, particularly for developers looking to get established quickly. Here is a list of reasons that can justify such a decision: Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Developers Choose Android Over iOS

How App Developers Are Cashing In On iOS 7

ios7Many App developers are cashing in on the release of the new iOS 7. A few visionary app development trail blazers are showing us in practice how it can be done.

After a long period of worldwide anticipation, Apple has finally launched its latest iOS 7 software platform, causing a huge number of users to update their systems. There is little doubt such a move will once more prove profitable for the Cupertino-based tech giant, but smaller app design studios and individual developers have a lot of reasons to be happy with such an outcome, too. New interface that comes with iOS 7 offers a wide range of new possibilities to completely re-think countless of successful applications and create additional market for advanced mobile development skills. All around the web, some of the most popular iOS apps are experiencing significant overhauls and innovations, with practically the entire app universe undergoing a period of change. Of course, that also means developers have a whole new level to think about and work with, enabling some of them to strike it rich thanks to the platform upgrade. Here are some of the strategies smart app developers are using to their advantage: Continue reading How App Developers Are Cashing In On iOS 7

10 Reasons Why Developers Choose iOS Over Android


We are all aware of the long-standing rivalry between two leading mobile operating systems – Apple’s iOS and Google-powered Android. Both sides have a lot of supporters, but nobody knows more about the inside story of the two platforms than the developers who create applications for them. Judging by their opinions, it appears that iOS has the upper hand at the moment and will continue to rule this market in the foreseeable future. Here are the reasons for this conclusion: Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Developers Choose iOS Over Android