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Why You Should Never Install Non-Market Apps

The App market is a huge place with numerous Apps to quench your thirst. The Apps are available over different platforms, with different requirements. But we all are aware of the different platforms we download and install our Apps from. … Continue reading

22. August 2017 by AppVersal
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How To Make Your App Likeable In 5 Different Ways

With an enormous amount of Apps in the market, it’s really tough and difficult to bring out the uniqueness of your App. You just released your App, your App is amazing, you know it’s worth it. But is it possible … Continue reading

18. August 2017 by AppVersal
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5 Ways You Should Do Mobile App Testing

We all are well versed with what mobile applications or simply Apps are. They are softwares for our mobile devices, which are further bifurcated into numerous categories. But before these Apps arrive on different platforms, for the masses to use … Continue reading

25. July 2017 by appversal
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India Goes All In On Apps

  Mobiles are arguably the most omnipresent modern technology in some developing countries; more people have access to a mobile phone than to a bank account, electricity or even clean water. In India mobile communications have been the most visible manifestation … Continue reading

20. December 2016 by appversal
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How To Give Your Customers What They Want And Win With Mobile Marketing

Marketing is all about people. Americans spend an average of 3.7 hours per day on their smartphones and tablets, proving that we, as a society, have grown remarkably attached to our mobile devices. For a business to be successful, it … Continue reading

10. June 2016 by appversal
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Magical Tips To Make An Appealing Video For Your App

After putting in the kind of hard work that goes into developing an App, all your efforts could seem meaningless if the App is not introduced properly. The belief that first impression is the last impression cannot be completely disregarded. … Continue reading

20. July 2015 by appversal
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10 Ways Not To Blow Your App Launch

With over a million Apps on the App Store and on Google Play, how do you think you are going to get ahead of your game? Simply put, your App launch is the first step that you will take in … Continue reading

03. July 2015 by appversal
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5 Leading Twitter Marketing Techniques For Apps

Use these professional tips to stand out from the crowd and make your App a top-seller. At this point of social media evolution, it is clear that Twitter is one of the go-to platforms for all advertisers, especially for up-and-coming … Continue reading

28. August 2014 by appversal
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8 Ways To Jump Ahead In The App Store

The App Store is a massive phenomenon. There are hundreds of Apps being released every single day. The growth is not distributed evenly, and a small percentage of the most capable providers earn a lion’s share of the profits. This … Continue reading

26. May 2014 by appversal
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10 Misconceptions About App Marketing

These days, the App business is booming. ABI Research predicts that mobile app research revenue will reach 46 billion within the next two years. But the harsh reality is App markets are becoming increasingly competitive. Too many Apps are lost … Continue reading

16. January 2014 by appversal
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