6 Ways To Get More App Reviews


The value of user App reviews is enormous – new customers will be much more confident downloading an app if they see that others who are already using it are satisfied. Of course, nothing can make users write good reviews about the product they don’t like, but there are certain actions that are likely to increase the number of reviews your app is getting on the App Store – most of them with five star ratings. As with other promotional techniques, success is not guaranteed, but here are several ideas that have been proven to work when performed the right way: Continue reading 6 Ways To Get More App Reviews

Top 5 App Analytics Tools To Make Data Driven Decisions

analyticsHaving a successful app is almost never a coincidence. It is a result of smart decisions made by analyzing App analytics, as well as a sharp sales strategy that fits company strengths. The quickest way to understand the way users interact with an app is to track and analyze key metrics related to app usage or sales statistics. While some data can be collected with basic tools such as iTunes Connect, advanced analysis requires finer instruments that can provide detailed insight into user data. Here is a selection of excellent analytics packages that can be used with confidence to guide future actions of app development companies: Continue reading Top 5 App Analytics Tools To Make Data Driven Decisions

7 Ways To Get Your App Featured On Google Play

playpicksLet’s crunch the numbers: there are more than 900 million devices running on Android out there, and 1.5 million more are powered up and activated every single day. The number of downloads on Google Play just hit the 50 billion milestone and is expected to hit 60 billion faster than Apple’s App Store.

It’s a great time to build Android Apps – more users of the platform bring more sales and ad revenues for mobile developers. But there’s also one big downside to it all. Your Apps face tons of heavy competition, which means it’s harder than ever to get them noticed by the majority of users. Continue reading 7 Ways To Get Your App Featured On Google Play

4 Places To Sell Your App

apptopiasaleSince App Store opened doors for the first time five years ago, developers on iOS had one huge problem: the total lack of an exit strategy. Once they built an App, they were stuck with it forever. They could only move their Apps to upgraded company accounts, but they couldn’t really sell them to other developers.

But now – 900,000 Apps built by more than 300,000 developers later – Apple finally enabled the transfer of ownership from one developer/company account to another. Great news for those in the iOS ecosystem, because they can finally sell their Apps to other players. Continue reading 4 Places To Sell Your App

5 Things You Should Know About Using App Promo Codes

Promo Codes via iTunes Connect

When it comes to marketing your App, promo codes can be a really helpful tool to increase its visibility by getting more reviews from bloggers and engaging new users through contests or giveaways. Often, developers underestimate the power of giving others the chance to try out their Apps for free – that’s why knowing how and where to pitch promo codes can get your App far ahead of its competitors. Continue reading 5 Things You Should Know About Using App Promo Codes

The 20 Marketing Tools Every App Maker Needs


‘Build it and they’ll come’ isn’t a viable strategy these days as App Store listings exceed 800,000 on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. To compete, App makers need to be able to clearly communicate benefits, influence behavior and measure the success rate of both. In other words: market their Apps.

A simple definition of marketing is any message you communicate to prospects and customers. This includes the various imagery and text that you deliver to your audience through various channels: your website, email, social media, ads, press coverage and even your App’s user interface. Continue reading The 20 Marketing Tools Every App Maker Needs

5 App Icon Design Mistakes Even Experts Make


Your App icon design is really important as it conveys the right message across to users – a colorful, creative and unique icon attracts attention from potential users on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, increasing your App’s chance to get picked and to become more popular across platforms.

When browsing the marketplace for a new App, the user initially sees very limited information to choose from. That’s why, even if they spot an App with an attractive name and competitive price, a poorly-designed icon can ruin their first impression and negatively make an impact on their choice. Continue reading 5 App Icon Design Mistakes Even Experts Make

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Great About Your App

happyappWhat gives customers a sense of satisfaction? What makes them happy? What makes them feel great about your product and recommend it to their family and friends? The answer lies in the details.

As a business, you need to make your customer feel great about using your product. Let’s take a concrete example – Starbucks. What makes people spend money on coffee at Starbucks locations every single day? It’s about the trust, satisfaction and quality that Starbucks is able to deliver. Walk into any of their stores across the globe, and you’ll get the same experience all through-out. Starbucks also manages to stay ahead on the technology front and delivers a brilliant mobile App that allows customers to do all sorts of things from managing their account to paying at a location directly via the App and lots more. Starbucks ensures that their customers feel great about their product, deliver the best possible experience and that’s the formula that has helped them become so big. Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Great About Your App

5 Things To Focus On For Better App Store Optimization

App StoreWhen you optimize your App for the App Store to achieve better rankings and user visibility, you are performing App Store Optimization. Similar to Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization is a core element that helps you with marketing your App in the right way.

Basically, you need to optimize certain aspects of your App Store page so people convert into customers. Your App icon, description copy, screenshots, title and keywords fall under this category. Continue reading 5 Things To Focus On For Better App Store Optimization

5 Usability Tips To Make Your Mobile Customers Fall in Love With Your App

UsabilityIt’s important to make mobile apps as usable as possible. With well over 775,000 apps available, an app that isn’t easy to use will be quickly discarded. The positive side to having so many Apps around is that we now know how to optimize for mobile and build an app as usable as possible.

What are the positive side effects of having a usable app that people love? Better ratings and reviews, more downloads, increase in revenue, and proof that your app is a valuable tool or downright enjoyable product. Plus, we all want everybody to love using our apps.

Here are 5 usability tips that will make your mobile customers fall in love with your app: Continue reading 5 Usability Tips To Make Your Mobile Customers Fall in Love With Your App