Google Play is Growing, But App Store Is Still The One With Cash

Cross-StoreThe Apple App Store and the Google Play Network are growing like crazy, we all know that. Although Google Play is constantly growing, the Apple App Store is still the one with cash. According to a recent report posted by Distimo (mobile App analytics firm), in recent months, Google Play has been growing constantly, but the daily revenues coming in from the Apple App Store is far higher than that generated by the Google Play network. Developers are simply earning more from the App Store, and that’s because of the complete ecosystem that Apple has built around its devices and the control that it exerts.

In November, 7 iOS Apps brought in 10% of the money. On Google Play, 4 Apps were responsible for 10% of the money being spent by users. The United States is the most active country in the App Store and Electronic Arts is the largest publisher of Apps for both platforms. The charts below should put numbers in perspective.

Instagram was the most downloaded App in 2012. It is believed that games will generate the most revenue in both the stores.

10 Apps

via Distimo

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27. December 2012 by appversal
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  • Ren

    That’s true. My Apps are both on the Google Play network and also on the Apple App Store. Revenues are simply higher on the App Store.

    • appversal

      Thanks for your input, Ren. We appreciate it!

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