6 Marketing Mistakes App Developers Should Avoid

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MistakesMistakes will be made along the way. And that is good. At-least decisions are being made. Marketing is about risks. When you start optimizing different channels for marketing your App, sometimes you’ll choose the right channels that provide a high ROI while there will be times as well where the channels don’t turn out to be as expected.

When it comes to marketing your App, there are certain mistakes that you should certainly avoid.

Not Tracking Results

Tracking Results
When you’re spending money on marketing, it is important to keep a track of how things are working out. Keep a close eye on the analytics and based on the data, make decisions that improve your marketing effectiveness.

Use a shortened URL for all your marketing efforts so you can track the sources that send in the highest number of visitors. Based on the data, invest in those sources that are helping you drive traffic and forget the others.

Also, understand how users are using your App and make changes based on the data. We highly recommend UserTesting.com. Go to the website, hire a suitable person to test your App and give feedback. Based on the feedback you receive, understand the point of view of the user, analyze it and make changes based on it if needed.

Not Having A Landing Page/Website

If you don’t have a landing page for your App where visitors can learn more about your creation, you are losing out on an extremely important medium for delivering the right message across to potential customers.

A website is the go-to option for all your users and PR people. It should contain all the necessary information including screenshots, feature details, high quality graphical elements, press kit, social media links, App Store link and contact information.
Check out AppSites.com to view some incredible App websites. Here are some reasons why you should have a website for your App.

Not Targeting Your Audience

Some Apps serve a highly targeted niche. If you have a story book App and are not targeting parents, but instead the entire community of iOS users at once, you’re definitely going to fail. Identify your target audience at first and then start to market your creation to these set of users.

Let’s consider that you are marketing a kids based App.

Focus on App review sites that only feature kids Apps. While promoting your App on social media, stay image heavy and as visually focused as possible. On Twitter, try to follow all the people who are following these kids App review websites and build hype. If you’re advertising, most ad networks will provide you with advanced targeting options, use them to target parents. And so on.

Technical Talking and Using Marketing Language

Steve Jobs iPad
Don’t use marketing language BS. Pitch your product as if you were talking to someone in person. Don’t use heavy terms that make your product sound “too good to be true”. Talk about the core features that differentiate your App from the rest. While pitching your App, keep it really short and just highlight the main features. Make sure you use really “eye-candy” adjectives to describe your product.

Not Allocating Proper Marketing Budget

“If I only had two dollars left, I would spend one on PR” – Bill Gates

If you don’t allocate proper marketing budget, your product will never achieve the success that it deserves. It’s a very noisy world and everyday 1,000s of Apps are being released. You need to stand out and market your App effectively to reach users. Read forums like iPhoneDevSDK and understand the different promotion techniques developers are talking about.

Analyze the different channels and set up a monthly marketing budget that you will invest in your product. Remember, you only make money if you put in money.

No Room for Social Media

Social media should be one of your top priorities when it comes to marketing. Not all social media channels, but Twitter and Facebook. That’s it. Forget all the others. Just focus on Twitter and Facebook, acquire targeted followers and keep them engaged.

At the end of the day, it is all about the experience. So make sure that your App provides a memorable experience to the customer. And try to avoid these marketing mistakes.

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