5 Mobile App Investments Your App Needs To Grow

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There are thousands of great Apps available for download, but only some actually manage to make an impact when it comes to sales. Part of the explanation for this phenomenon is that developers often neglect certain areas that can be very important for adoption of the application on a mass scale and its commercial success. A great app idea alone is not enough to secure future revenues, even if its technical features are executed to perfection. It takes a well-rounded effort to launch a winner – if an app has just a single weakness, this feature is likely to draw criticism and scare potential customers away. This is why it makes sense for development studios to make serious investments into proven success drivers, including but not limited to:


Let’s face it, good looks are always important and the mobile industry is no exception. Users spend a lot of time interacting with an app and they want it to be aesthetically pleasing or they will simply ignore it and fulfill their needs in a different way. App icon design is usually the first visual element that gets noticed, but positive first impression will not last very long unless user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are strong enough to keep the users happy. Another way to impress potential users is through careful selection of best screenshots for display at the app stores. For example, Apple allows upload of 5 screenshots with accompanying text – more than enough to show your app in the best possible light. To make everything as sparkling as possible, design professionals should be prominently involved in the development process from the very start, helping to present the app features in the best possible light. It is always recommended to get the design works done first and then jump onto development rather than going the other way round.

High-Quality Explainer Video


The power of multimedia can’t be overstated, especially when complex principles need to be explained in a simple and straightforward manner. This is why a single high-quality video about your new application can do much more to impact public opinion than several dozen reviews or blog articles. Depending on exact nature of the app that needs to be promoted and the available budgets, it is possible to choose between several technical approaches for your video, from simple animation to fully-fledged live action style, but more complex video formats could also be more demanding in terms of production, as they require external lighting, professional actors, voice over recording, computer graphics, advanced editing techniques and more. Keep in mind that even with the latest generation of multimedia production technology it still takes a serious team to create video ads that live up to high industry standards, which means some external help will be necessary in most cases.

A Professional Website


Your business website is the first place that people interested in your application would like to visit, so consequently it is one of the most valuable promotional tools you can use to boost your reputation. In addition to its role as credibility-booster and guideline for information-seeking journalists, user-friendly website stocked with meaningful and well-organized data can demonstrate company values such as professionalism and attention to detail. This is a tactic that many world-class app design studios frequently put to good use, supporting their cash-crop apps with visually inspiring websites, often designed with matching color schemes to encourage brand visibility. When the website operates as an online extension of the mobile app, level of user satisfaction (as well as sales indicators) tend to go up significantly.

Presence At The Largest CPI Ad Networks

For a mobile app to become widely accepted, it is necessary to reach out to broad populations of potential users all around the world. However, large marketing campaigns can quickly spiral out of control in terms of costs, so it is wise to rely primarily on ad networks that calculate charges based on CPI (cost per install) formula. In practice, this means the expenses are directly tied to effectiveness of the advertising and there is no risk of astronomical bills for failed promotional efforts. Fortunately, there is a long list of excellent ad networks that can aid monetization of your app, ranging from industry mainstays such as Facebook or AdMob to specialized CPI tools such as RevMob or TapJoy which work only for free apps.

Multi-platform Support And Frequent Updates

Even the most successful apps can’t afford to sit idly while the competitors keep getting better. User expectations are constantly rising and the only way to remain on the top is to regularly improve usability of the app. This is why all major applications are racing to introduce versions for different OS platforms, thus expanding total pool of users they can draw from. Periodic updates are also necessary in order to address key issues indicated by user feedback or to integrate new features that have become technically feasible since the last release. Only a flexible, smooth-running and up-to-date app can hope to last in the global market, justifying the need to keep the best engineers busy working on maintenance of the existing apps instead of starting a new commercial project.

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