One Million Apps Have Been Submitted to the App Store

AppsFire today announced that over a million Apps have been submitted to the Apple App Store since July 2008. The App Store is definitely a global phenomenon and hundreds of thousands of Apps are being purchased by users every single day. From the one million App submissions since 2008, 493,289 were paid and 158,848 were games. Of the 736,247 apps that are currently live 336,270 are paid (around 45 percent), while 120,065 are games (around 16 percent).

Apple has over 400 million customers who use iTunes for App purchases and are constantly looking for new Apps everyday. At the iPad mini event, Apple announced that the App Store has over 700,000 live Apps in the App Store available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Since Apple has also rejected many Apps and since many more are under review, the actual number of Apps available will be lower than one million. One million Apps have been submitted to the App Store till date. 90% of all App Store Apps are downloaded every month.

In four years, customers have downloaded 35 billion Apps. Coming to the Google Play network, there are over 675,000 Apps in the store (as revealed in September).

20. November 2012 by appversal
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