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How To Make Your App Likeable In 5 Different Ways

With an enormous amount of Apps in the market, it’s really tough and difficult to bring out the uniqueness of your App. You just released your App, your App is amazing, you know it’s worth it. But is it possible … Continue reading

18. August 2017 by AppVersal
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Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture

With 150 million smartphones, 5.5 billion downloads, and double-digit growth in app and mobile ad sales, the China app market appears to be a gold-laden opportunity for iOS and Android developers operating anywhere in the world. The escalation of 700,000 … Continue reading

23. January 2017 by appversal
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4 Places To Sell Your App

Since App Store opened doors for the first time five years ago, developers on iOS had one huge problem: the total lack of an exit strategy. Once they built an App, they were stuck with it forever. They could only … Continue reading

15. July 2013 by appversal
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Google Play Reviews Now Powered By Google+, Way More Personal

Android developers, this one is big. Google has now integrated Google+ completely with your App reviews. Reviews on Google Play are now powered by Google+ which means that reviews are now more personal than ever. This eliminates fake reviews that … Continue reading

28. November 2012 by appversal
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Pocket – 63% Users Already on iOS 6

Pocket, the highly popular App that simplifies reading has recently put up a blog post that shows the rapid adoption of iOS 6. The developers point out that 63% of their ever growing customer base are already on iOS 6. … Continue reading

25. September 2012 by appversal
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5 Things To Do Before You Launch Your App – Pre-Launch Marketing

Certain things need to be done before you launch your App so that it reaches users and you are all set for the exciting days ahead. Pre-launch marketing is absolutely important so that before you even set foot on the … Continue reading

08. September 2012 by appversal
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Here Are The Top Words Used in App Titles on iOS

App titles play a huge role in marketing your App. Certain words included in the App title not only help your App rank higher on App Store searches but also when a user uses the search feature of the iOS … Continue reading

27. July 2012 by appversal
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4 Reasons Why Your App Should Have A Website

Every App needs a home, and a website provides just that. One of the ways that you expect people to find your App is through your website. There are several reasons why your App should have a website, here are … Continue reading

24. July 2012 by appversal
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5 Reasons Why Some Apps Sell So Well

Some Apps, you know, they just make it. Some don’t. It’s a common goal for every appreneur (entrepreneurs in the App business) to sell millions of copies of their Apps. Only some do and the rest don’t. What separates the … Continue reading

09. May 2012 by appversal
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