Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture


With 150 million smartphones, 5.5 billion downloads, and double-digit growth in app and mobile ad sales, the China app market appears to be a gold-laden opportunity for iOS and Android developers operating anywhere in the world. The escalation of 700,000 apps combined with slow absolute growth in smartphone adoption has made the US and Euro markets increasingly competitive. Developers and mobile marketers can no longer afford to ignore the China opportunity. Continue reading Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture

India Goes All In On Apps



Mobiles are arguably the most omnipresent modern technology in some developing countries; more people have access to a mobile phone than to a bank account, electricity or even clean water. In India mobile communications have been the most visible manifestation of the extraordinary digital accomplishments seen in the past decade, from providing basic access to education and health related information to making cash payments to crowd sourcing- the growing list firmly establishes us as a ‘mobile first’ economy. Continue reading India Goes All In On Apps

10 Reasons Why Developers Choose Android Over iOS


The leading mobile platforms are advancing by leaps and bounds, with new OS versions for both Android and iOS having been recently released. However, the development community is still bitterly divided over the dilemma which platform is better for the people creating the apps, both sides armed with strong arguments supporting their preference. While there are certainly reasons to consider picking iOS, a very strong case could also be made for Android as well, particularly for developers looking to get established quickly. Here is a list of reasons that can justify such a decision: Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Developers Choose Android Over iOS

Apple’s New Guideline Could Ban Apps That Promote Other Apps From the App Store

Apple is very protective about its closed App ecosystem and wants to constantly modify it to deliver the best possible user experience. A new guideline that Apple has recently introduced in its iOS Developer Program states –

“Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.”

This could imply that promotional Apps like FreeAppADay, AppODay and other such marketing related Apps will soon be removed from the App Store if Apple starts to strictly enforce this new guideline.