7 Ways To Get Your App Featured On Google Play

playpicksLet’s crunch the numbers: there are more than 900 million devices running on Android out there, and 1.5 million more are powered up and activated every single day. The number of downloads on Google Play just hit the 50 billion milestone and is expected to hit 60 billion faster than Apple’s App Store.

It’s a great time to build Android Apps – more users of the platform bring more sales and ad revenues for mobile developers. But there’s also one big downside to it all. Your Apps face tons of heavy competition, which means it’s harder than ever to get them noticed by the majority of users. Continue reading 7 Ways To Get Your App Featured On Google Play

Google Play is Growing, But App Store Is Still The One With Cash

Cross-StoreThe Apple App Store and the Google Play Network are growing like crazy, we all know that. Although Google Play is constantly growing, the Apple App Store is still the one with cash. According to a recent report posted by Distimo (mobile App analytics firm), in recent months, Google Play has been growing constantly, but the daily revenues coming in from the Apple App Store is far higher than that generated by the Google Play network. Developers are simply earning more from the App Store, and that’s because of the complete ecosystem that Apple has built around its devices and the control that it exerts. Continue reading Google Play is Growing, But App Store Is Still The One With Cash

Google Play Reviews Now Powered By Google+, Way More Personal

Android developers, this one is big. Google has now integrated Google+ completely with your App reviews. Reviews on Google Play are now powered by Google+ which means that reviews are now more personal than ever. This eliminates fake reviews that quite often pop up from time to time (by competitors or random people). You will now be able to view the Google+ profile of the person who reviewed your App and make some interaction with the user, unlike Apple’s App Store.

Google has a whole new strategy in mind. This marks the evolution of the entire company. And Google is heading towards being more social. Google+ is gradually being integrated with almost every Google service with Google Play begin the most recent service to receive this integration.

Reviews will now be posted with your real Google+ name and profile picture. This could also go the other way and result in users posting less reviews and not providing rapid feedback to users. Whether this is a right direction to head in or not, only time will tell.

Pour in your thoughts using the comments section below. Android developers, what’d you think?