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Getting Into The Chinese App Market – The True Picture

With 150 million smartphones, 5.5 billion downloads, and double-digit growth in app and mobile ad sales, the China app market appears to be a gold-laden opportunity for iOS and Android developers operating anywhere in the world. The escalation of 700,000 … Continue reading

23. January 2017 by appversal
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How To Give Your Customers What They Want And Win With Mobile Marketing

Marketing is all about people. Americans spend an average of 3.7 hours per day on their smartphones and tablets, proving that we, as a society, have grown remarkably attached to our mobile devices. For a business to be successful, it … Continue reading

10. June 2016 by appversal
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10 Ways Not To Blow Your App Launch

With over a million Apps on the App Store and on Google Play, how do you think you are going to get ahead of your game? Simply put, your App launch is the first step that you will take in … Continue reading

03. July 2015 by appversal
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The 6 Most Important Key Performance Indicators In App Marketing

Most independent App developers depend on immediate success of their products to cover ongoing expenses and make a profit, with performance of each App directly tied to their survival. App monetization is a very fragile aspect of business operations and … Continue reading

05. October 2014 by appversal
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10 Misconceptions About App Marketing

These days, the App business is booming. ABI Research predicts that mobile app research revenue will reach 46 billion within the next two years. But the harsh reality is App markets are becoming increasingly competitive. Too many Apps are lost … Continue reading

16. January 2014 by appversal
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The 20 Marketing Tools Every App Maker Needs

‘Build it and they’ll come’ isn’t a viable strategy these days as App Store listings exceed 800,000 on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. To compete, App makers need to be able to clearly communicate benefits, influence behavior and … Continue reading

07. June 2013 by appversal
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6 Marketing Mistakes App Developers Should Avoid

Mistakes will be made along the way. And that is good. At-least decisions are being made. Marketing is about risks. When you start optimizing different channels for marketing your App, sometimes you’ll choose the right channels that provide a high … Continue reading

26. February 2013 by appversal
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5 Things To Do Before You Launch Your App – Pre-Launch Marketing

Certain things need to be done before you launch your App so that it reaches users and you are all set for the exciting days ahead. Pre-launch marketing is absolutely important so that before you even set foot on the … Continue reading

08. September 2012 by appversal
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TestFlight Releases Redesigned Site

TestFlight recently underwent a major design change. Many developers consider TestFlight as a must have, due to features that cannot be found anywhere else. Prior to this update the web application was already one of the best designed in its … Continue reading

14. April 2012 by appversal
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