Google Play Reviews Now Powered By Google+, Way More Personal

Android developers, this one is big. Google has now integrated Google+ completely with your App reviews. Reviews on Google Play are now powered by Google+ which means that reviews are now more personal than ever. This eliminates fake reviews that quite often pop up from time to time (by competitors or random people). You will now be able to view the Google+ profile of the person who reviewed your App and make some interaction with the user, unlike Apple’s App Store.

Google has a whole new strategy in mind. This marks the evolution of the entire company. And Google is heading towards being more social. Google+ is gradually being integrated with almost every Google service with Google Play begin the most recent service to receive this integration.

Reviews will now be posted with your real Google+ name and profile picture. This could also go the other way and result in users posting less reviews and not providing rapid feedback to users. Whether this is a right direction to head in or not, only time will tell.

Pour in your thoughts using the comments section below. Android developers, what’d you think?

Apple Removing Third-Party Emoji Apps from the App Store

Emoji KeyboardIn a recent turn of events, Apple has started to remove some of the third-party Emoji Apps from the App Store. Developers of Emoji Apps have already made a fortune selling this incredible addition that allows users to express their emotions. But now, with the characters already included as part of iOS 6, Apple plans to remove Emoji Apps as they are not in accordance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Here is the mail that Apple is sending out –

Hello XXXX,
We are writing to let you know your app, XXXX, has been removed from the App Store because it is no longer needed to unlock Emoji.

Since iOS 6 now provides Emoji support to all users, your app is no longer in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

2.12 Apps that are not very useful, are simply web sites bundled as apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected.

If you have questions about the removal of your application, please contact App Review at Please include the App ID and the name of your application in your email.

Thank you and best regards,

App Review

To enable Emoji keyboard on your device, just go to “Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add new keyboard -> Select Emoji”. After that, you can simply hit the world icon to convert to Emoji keyboard. This can be used wherever the keyboard option is available.