TestFlight’s New Desktop App Goes Into Beta

testflight desktopWe use TestFlight a lot! If you are unaware about TestFlight, it is a service that allows developers to assign beta testers to the initial versions of the application to acquire feedback and fix bugs before the final release.

TestFlight recently unveiled the beta version of its desktop application that will helps developers and beta testers get access to their TestFlight dashboard at all times. The App allow users to do the following –

1. Notifies users if new build are available.
2. Helps developers acquire the exact correct dSYM and upload it automatically.
3. Uploads information to content delivery network (CDN) at maximum speed so the upload process will resume if something goes haywire with your active internet connection.
4. Developers will be able to choose their testers right from the App and instantly permit and notify them.

TestFlight was acquired by Burstly in the month of March, 2012. The company also recently launched TestFlight Live which allows developers to view how their Apps are performing in real-time.

At AppVersal, we use TestFlight all the time to test and market new Apps and the new desktop version is surely beneficial.

You can download TestFlight for your desktop from here.

21. August 2012 by appversal
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