5 Leading Twitter Marketing Techniques For Apps

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Use these professional tips to stand out from the crowd and make your App a top-seller.

At this point of social media evolution, it is clear that Twitter is one of the go-to platforms for all advertisers, especially for up-and-coming mobile App developers. Despite the staggering potential, success is not guaranteed and each App needs to be promoted in the right way in order to catch fire and starts bringing back serious revenues. While there are no definitive formulas how to do this, certain marketing techniques can be represent a shortcut to huge number of downloads, great user reviews and positive bottom line. Here is a brief overview of the best moves you can make to get Twitter buzzing about your Apps:

1. Initial Launch Should Be Huge

You don’t get second chance to make the first impression. Freshly launched Apps are interesting because of the novelty factor, but this doesn’t last very long in a marketplace where new releases happen almost every day. Data implies that social media are clearly the most effective channel of app marketing and this is especially true if you start before the launch and continue throughout the first months after your product becomes available on the App stores.

Start posting quotes, give previews with screenshots, engage in hashtags and if possible, release a video and post the link on Twitter to gain maximum attraction. Following the influential people in the industry and trying to get them to retweet you should help increase the visibility of your App.

2. Tools You Require To Grow


The impact of your tweets is directly tied to the size of your audience. Diligent marketers leave nothing to chance to invest a lot of energy into gaining followers, using a range of great tools designed to enable quick and simple following or un-following of users at once. From SocialOomph and Tweepi to HootSuite and Bit.ly, the internet is loaded with interesting account management services that could swell your following within weeks. Once your Twitter account reaches a broad and deep pool of potential customers, you can start breaking down all the advantages that your App brings to the table.

3. Post Links To Leading Content


One of the most important tricks for good results on Twitter is to stay active. Potential customers are receiving information from all sides and your App will quickly be forgotten unless you keep posting new, engaging contents. There are several types of contents suitable for Twitter marketing, so you can create a healthy mix and keep your customers in touch with your product. Keep in mind that the content doesn’t have to be direct promotion for your App – the best viral videos are about something genuinely interesting and merely mention the brand. Just express your values in a creative way and people might start sharing your content with their friends.

Toca Boca does a great job to keep their followers engaged and get new ones. Check out their profile.

4. Use Twitter’s Ad Options

Twitter for Business

As a major social platform with large market valuation, Twitter is actively working to become a more business-friendly environment. App developers can take advantage of “Promoted Tweets”, “Promoted Accounts” and “Promoted Trends” features to target large segments of Twitter population with their ads. Subscribers to these services have full access to personal data willingly provided during sign-up, which allows you to choose your audience based on gender, age, geographic location or other demographics. Another exciting format that can provide a boost for your App is Twitter Cards, new advertising service that brings all advantages of rich media to the micro-blogging platform. Results of the campaign can be conveniently monitored, so you can make adjustments and change messages or list of recipients.

5. Integrate Third-Party Apps

Mobile App marketing is becoming a mature industry and many smart entrepreneurs are specializing for narrowly defined services in this field. For example, there is a host of applications integrated with the Twitter platform that can expand the range of your advertising activities and provide tighter control of your expenses. Several mobile analytics and optimization companies such as Adjust, Fiksu, AppsFlyer, Korchava and Hasoffers partnered with Twitter to provide additional possibilities for App developers. In addition to better performance-tracking for each ad, third-party providers are currently beta-testing App Install functionalities and real-time optimization capacities. In essence, these applications allow you to deliver your ads to selected groups of Twitter users who are more likely to be converted into paying customers, effectively driving up your sales without any increase of marketing budgets.

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