Why Apple Should Bring Video Trailers To The App Store

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Choosing between competing apps is not easy, not with so many apps with similar names and descriptions showing up at the App store every month. That’s why everyone is excited about the video trailer for Clumsy Ninja only on the UK App Store, the first of its kind ever on this platform, which could be a sign that Apple intends to enable this option for other apps as well. While details regarding Apple’s exact plans are not clear at the moment, there are plenty of arguments why inclusion of video clips on the App Store could be a really great decision, both from a business standpoint and in terms of keeping the users happy.

1. Video Is Priceless

Visually attractive contents are the best way to get attention and video works much better than 2D visuals for this purpose. According to researchers, including a video on a business website increases the likelihood of turning visitors into customers for as much as 74%. People simply enjoy viewing high-quality videos much more than reading, so packaging key information in this way often represents a shortcut to global popularity. Just ask YouTube, which has become one of the most visited websites in the world in just a few short years thanks to this principle, welcoming more than 136 million unique users every month.

2. Google Play Has It


Apple can hardly afford to fall behind Android when it comes to innovation, so it must be a cause for concern that Google Play allows app owners to upload video trailers for some time now. While this can hardly be sufficient reason for anyone to switch platforms, it still doesn’t make sense to allow competition to gain an edge. Most online commentators agree that App Store needs to emulate Google in this respect and provide additional options for visual presentation of the stored apps. After all, it doesn’t look like Apple to resist any technological change, especially one that has already been proven effective in practice.

3. Better Understanding of App Features and UI

Some things simply can’t be explained using only static images and text. Every app has some interactive features that change depending on exact action of the user, making it is next to impossible to become familiar with an app exclusively through screenshots. Video trailers are also much more illustrative examples of the “look & feel” characteristic for each app, allowing prospective users to learn the specifics of the user interface even before they install the app on their devices. Needless to say, abundance of advanced features and great UI can be major purchasing drivers, even more so when they are supported by professionally created video trailer.

4. Excellent Marketing Tool for Developers


Upgrading from screenshots to trailer videos as a vehicle for app promotion would be a certain way for up-and-coming developers to get noticed, which would in turn ensure that App Store remains relevant as new generation of technologies becomes available and new generation of mobile users comes of age. Well-produced video can be used for promotion on social networks and company websites in addition to improved user activation role on the application store itself. It is true that creating a good video can sometimes be prohibitively costly and time-consuming, but there are numerous tips and tricks that can help in this department without running the budget into the stratosphere. Some developers do produce a high quality video for their App, but when trailers are integrated into the App Store page, developers would be more willing to create a video to show off their creation.

5. Videos Are More Shared Than Any Other Form of Content

The entire world is networked now, causing user-initiated content sharing to become a powerful force that can make an app globally recognizable within a very short timeframe. For their part, users are far more likely to share multimedia contents than any less complex media format, up to 1200% more frequently when compared to plain text or links. When you take into account that around 46% of users take some related action immediately after viewing the video, it becomes obvious why everyone is so hyped up about video trailers arriving to App Store in the near future.

6. The Market Is Demanding It

As readers who are closely following maturation of the mobile app market already know, talk about video trailers is nothing new. In fact, users started clamoring for technical support for videos almost as soon as App Store was launched in July 2008. Many iOS developers believe that improvements are needed for easier search and discovery of quality apps and video trailers could be a possible solution for this issue. Since user satisfaction is a key factor that impacts individual’s choice of mobile platform, Apple would be wise to listen to user demands and make video trailers a standard option for all available apps.

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