What To Tweet For Marketing Your App? Here Are 5 Things

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appstoretwitterMore than 200 million people use Twitter every day. That’s 200 million potential customers for your business if you play your cards right. Staying active and sending out regular tweets is a must if you want to get noticed, but producing enough good postings can present a challenge for some business owners. While each individual situation deserves a more detailed analysis, here are some smart ideas for tweets for your App Twitter page:

Links To Articles From Leading Websites

In the online marketplace, everyone craves credibility. The best way to boost your own credibility (especially early on) is to provide links to high-quality articles published by widely respected blogs and websites. In this way, you can attract some followers and associate yourself with reputable organizations, thus improving your standing within the Twitter community. Of course, it makes sense to frequently post links that are related to the line of work your company is involved in, but it is not essential for such content to be directly derived from your own activities. The key is to make noise first – you can capitalize on your growing list of contacts later.

Self Promotional Content With Links

In order to make your audience familiar with your products and services, it is necessary to take them to your website. Including links to your website into your tweets can be done in many different ways, depending on the exact product or service being advertised. As a micro-blogging platform, Twitter requires your promotional messages to be brief and to the point, while the landing page you link to serves as an extension that will actually educate the visitor. Promotional messages should be witty and catchy, aiming to evoke curiosity and increase the number of clicks on the link.



Another great way to expand your list of Twitter followers is to post catchy, likable quotes from time to time. This type of content is proven to cause a lot of re-tweets, extending the outreach of your network even further. Evoking the opinion of a famous person or a proven expert from a certain field can be a shortcut to proving your own point, so each quote should be selected very carefully to fit in with your business philosophy. You must also pay attention not to use controversial quotes that could alienate some users, while also taking into account unique characteristics of your primary target group. Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic quotes available to choose from for marketers, so all it takes to create a memorable tweet is a bit of online research.


Ever since Twitter introduced the possibility to upload photos and videos, this option has been extremely popular with users. Visual content has much greater potential to engage users and drive them into action, which is basically what online marketing is all about. However, not every visual image will do equally well on Twitter – you need truly meaningful and well-produced material to make an impact. Since photos are technically easier and less expensive to produce than videos, most small and medium advertisers tend to stick to still images. That’s totally OK, because the latest research indicates that photos are shared almost 4 times as frequently as videos, although full multimedia attracts move “favorite” tags.

Promo Offers

One of the best sides of Twitter is that it provides interaction in real time. That makes it a perfect forum for announcing your promotional drives and limited-time offers. Not only you will increase the chances for success of your promotion, this type of content can bring you a lot of new followers if your offer is really good. You can award gifts, discounts, bonus points or any other perks to get your followers involved, often resulting in a huge amount of traffic within days. Twitter can also be used for sales promotions, creating direct revenue for your company while increasing your visibility at the same time. Knowing all this, it is a good decision to create a calendar of promo events in advance and gradually make it public through well-timed tweets.

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