Which Category Of Apps Are Users Most Loyal To?

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App LoyaltySome Apps are used daily, some weekly, some monthly and some even yearly. All of them serve a purpose. In a recent research, Flurry analytics has released a new report that gives us an insight into which Apps are most frequently used by users. Just like everything in this universe, Apps have a limited lifetime. Old Apps will be replaced by newer ones someday or the other.

The result has been divided into four quadrants and help us understand the categories of Apps that users are most loyal to.

Quadrant I: Apps that are used intensively and to which users remain loyal over time. News and communication apps appeared here as they have stable, growing audiences and are best positioned to generate ad revenu or charge a subscription, said Flurry. Consumers see these apps as having lasting value.

Quadrant II: Apps that are used intensively, for finite periods of time. These deliver their value in bursts and include streaming music, dating and social games. With dating apps, once they do as promised (get you into a relationship, that is), they’re no longer needed, for example.

Quadrant III: Apps that are used infrequently and have high churn. Personalization apps are found here (think: changing a background or homescreen wallpaper). Once setup is complete, they’re rarely used. These apps should have premium pricing models, says Flurry, in order to charge users before they access the content.

Quadrant IV: Apps used infrequently, but deliver high value when used. These apps stay on a user’s homescreen indefinitely. For example, airline, hotel or car rental booking apps aren’t constantly used, but their value increases when the user is traveling.

Clearly “News” and “Communication” Apps are the most widely used. Flurry also released the average user retention rate for Apps.

User Retention Rate for Apps

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